NetApp Open Systems SnapVault

    Open Systems SnapVault extends fast, cost-effective NetApp data protection and data backup to open-storage platforms.

    Designed to safeguard data in open-storage platforms, NetApp® Open Systems SnapVault® (OSSV) software leverages the same block-level incremental backup technology and NetApp Snapshot™ copies found in our SnapVault solution. OSSV extends this data protection to Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, SQL Server®, and VMware® systems running mixed storage.

    OSSV improves performance and enables more frequent data backups by moving data and creating backups from only changed data blocks rather than entire changed files. Because no redundant data is moved or stored, you need less storage capacity and a smaller storage footprint–giving you a cost-effective solution. OSSV is well suited for centralizing disk-to-disk (D2D) backups for remote offices.

    To maximize the cost savings and backup efficiencies of your NetApp SnapVault systems, we make OSSV agents available as a free license, which you can download from the NetApp customer support site.

    For more information on the benefits of OSSV for efficient D2D backup of non-NetApp data, read the Open Systems SnapVault datasheet.

    To learn more about how our core Snapshot and replication technologies can protect NetApp data, visit the SnapVault page or read the SnapVault datasheet.