NetApp MetroCluster

    Recover from failures with no data loss. NetApp MetroCluster software keeps critical applications always available.

    Maintain continuous data availability for mission-critical applications, at half the cost and complexity. NetApp® MetroCluster™ high-availability and disaster recovery software is built into ONTAP® storage software. It is used by thousands of enterprises and service providers worldwide for high availability, zero data loss, and nondisruptive operations both within and beyond the data center. 

    MetroCluster software:

    • Protects against the major causes of downtime: power, cooling, and network faults, as well as disasters affecting your site.
    • Combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring to deliver continuous availability and zero data loss.
    • Provides transparent recovery from failures.
    • Reduces administrative overhead and the risk of human error.
    • Needs only a single command for switchover.

    Sustain data availability from server to storage in a virtualized environment. You can use MetroCluster software with Cisco (using the FlexPod® portfolio), SAP® HANA, and VMware® vSphere® solutions.

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