Infinite Volume

    NetApp Infinite Volume scales to petabytes of data and billions of files in a single volume for large content repositories.

    The new era of big data is breaking traditional architectures—there’s too much content to store and manage. To address this challenge, NetApp integrates scalable data storage with enterprise functionality in our clustered Data ONTAP® storage operating system. The NetApp® Infinite Volume feature enables enterprises to store tens of petabytes and billions of files in a single, scalable, easy-to-manage repository.

    Using clustered Data ONTAP®, you can achieve full enterprise functionality for big data: storage efficiency, integrated data protection, multi-tenancy, application integration, and seamless scalability. You can start small and grow as needed in a shared Data ONTAP cluster.

    The NetApp Infinite Volume feature lets you:

    • Reduce operational complexity across storage environments
    • Handle massive data growth, to billions of files and tens of petabytes in a single volume
    • Increase storage efficiency
    • Provide continuous availability
    • Find and retrieve content from long-term active repositories fast
    • Provide integrated data protection, even across multiple data centers

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