NetApp FlexCache

    NetApp FlexCache software delivers scale-out performance for read-intensive workloads and speeds remote data access.

    Deploy NetApp® FlexCache® software to scale out storage performance for read-heavy workloads. By caching only the data accessed, rather than entire volumes or files, FlexCache software:

    • Eliminates performance bottlenecks for read-intensive applications,even for multiple clients across multiple nodes in a cluster, by enabling primary volumes under heavy load to be cached across the cluster
    • Boosts storage efficiency and cost effectiveness by eliminating the need to provision for peak loads
    • Caches and serves hot datasets from anywhere in your clusterfor compute-intensive applications such as movie rendering, chip-design, seismic analysis,and financial-markets simulation

    FlexCache software can be added to existing FAS or V-Series systems running the clustered Data ONTAP® OS using NFSv3/4 or SMB 1.0/2.0/3.0.

    FlexCache remote caching*capability simplifies file distribution, reduces WAN latency, and lowers WAN bandwidth costs. It enablesdistributed product development across multiple sites, as well as branch office access to corporate datasets.

    To find out how FlexCache can help you simplify and accelerate your business, download the FlexCache datasheet [PDF].

    *FlexCache storage systems used for remote site volume caching must run Data ONTAP 8 or later operating in 7-Mode using the NFSv3 protocol and can cache volumes from either another 7-Mode system or a clustered Data ONTAP system.