NetApp SolidFire Element OS

    Accelerate your transition to the next-generation data center. Element OS delivers all five key storage components.

    To keep pace with evolving customer and business requirements, you need to be both fast and flexible. NetApp® SolidFire® Element OS storage software delivers the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise feature set for consolidating mixed workloads onto an agile, automated infrastructure.

    Element OS incorporates five key components to speed your transition to the next-generation data center:

    • Scale-Out Architecture—Nondisruptive system expansion, with instant resource availability and seamless generational upgrades, enables placement of resources—when and where you need them—without affecting your core business.
    • Guaranteed Performance—Fine-grain performance control for every workload ensures application predictability and facilitates consolidation at scale.
    • Automated Management—By automating complex storage management tasks and delivering deep management integration, you can focus on driving your business forward.
    • Data Assurance—Secure multitenancy, delivered on a resilient, self-healing architecture, reduces operational overhead and risk.
    • Global Efficiencies—Global, always-on efficiencies maximize utilization of resources, reduce your data center footprint, and lower operational costs.

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