NetApp DataMotion Software

    Perform live data movement and maintain continuous data access. NetApp DataMotion gives you always-on data mobility.

    Use NetApp® DataMotion™ data migration software to move data from one clustered storage location to another while maintaining non-stop access to your applications.

    DataMotion supports volume or LUN granular data movement and enables nondisruptive operations. Your shared storage infrastructure stays up and running as you add capacity, refresh infrastructure, migrate data between different service levels, and balance performance.

    With NetApp DataMotion software, you can:

    • Manage logical resources in real time by rebalancing load and performance for specific datasets.
    • Perform maintenance and upgrades to storage hardware without taking applications offline.
    • Avoid hot spots, manage capacity, and adjust service levels.
    • Deliver near-instantaneous performance balancing for SAN workloads
    • Implement multi-tenancy with the high service levels expected in virtual server and IT-as-a-service environments

    DataMotion software integrates with all major virtual server environments, including VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V™, and Citrix XenServer.

    Find out how one U.S. enterprise used DataMotion and clustered Data ONTAP® software to achieve an always-on storage architecture.