Optimize IT efficiency by managing all your NetApp storage through your existing third-party management tools.

    Take advantage of NetApp-developed plug-ins and the easy-to-use NetApp® Manageability software development kit (SDK) to integrate NetApp management into your own tools. NetApp open management interfaces offer fast integration and greater storage abstraction, leveraging our policy-based automation features to better integrate with existing management software, including:

    • Virtualization management tools
    • IT service management and orchestration tools
    • Homegrown management tools

    NetApp open management interfaces extend NetApp functionality to the management environments of leading server virtualization vendors, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Desktone, Fluid Ops, and others. These vendors use the NetApp Manageability SDK to deliver storage monitoring, alerting, provisioning, data protection, and cloning functions through a single console.

    Our free NetApp Manageability SDK provides all the functionality you need to monitor and manage NetApp hardware, plus full integration with NetApp Operations Manager, Protection Manager, and Provisioning Manager tools.

    For more information, read the NetApp Solutions for Open Management and join the NetApp Communities, where you can download the free NetApp Manageability SDK.