Convert data with ease across hypervisor platforms using OnCommand Shift. Cut virtualization costs to stretch IT spend.

    With fast, scalable, and simple virtual machine conversion, you can shift data with ease across hypervisor platforms—stretching your IT budget and avoiding vendor lock-in. The NetApp® OnCommand® Shift data-conversion tool (evolved from MAT4Shift) accelerates VM migrations between VMware® ESX/ESXi and Microsoft® Hyper-V.

    Because OnCommand Shift enables extreme VM conversion speed, bi-directional migrations, and automates bulk VM conversion, you can expect less downtime and greater flexibility—even for large VM migration projects. Conversions now take just minutes.

    OnCommand Shift offers:

    Cost reduction

    • Reduce virtualization costs with data portability and platform choice.
    • Balance your mix of on-premises hypervisor platforms to make your IT budget go further.


    • Convert virtual machines (VMs) of any size from one hypervisor to another in minutes—not hours.
    • Migrate bulk VMs in an automated, near-zero–touch manner that minimizes downtime.


    • Break down barriers of cost, complexity, and downtime for data migration between hypervisor platforms. 
    • Reduce conversion time and downtime required for data migration between hypervisor platforms.

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