OnCommand Management Software and Management Integration Tools

Simplify your data management both on premises and in the hybrid cloud.

Gain a new level of control over your shared storage infrastructure. NetApp® OnCommand® data management software gives you the visibility you need to achieve common data management across resources in the Data Fabric.

This suite of industry-leading management products unleashes the power of the ONTAP® software, to help maximize system utilization, meet storage SLAs, minimize risks, and boost performance. Use the OnCommand portfolio’s intuitive graphical user interfaces, automation, and integration to simplify data management of your on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

OnCommand Data Management Software

For NetApp Storage

For Multi-vendor Storage

Integrate Management and Data Protection


Employ key NetApp management capabilities using popular virtualization and IT management platforms and plug-ins.


Integrate NetApp data center management features using custom software and third-party tools with the NetApp manageability SDK.

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