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SANtricity Software

Your dedicated, application-driven workloads will thank you.

Primary Use Cases

Big Data Analytics

Achieve consistent high performance. Access your data more frequently. Scale with compute and storage decoupled.

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Video Surveillance

Meet the challenges of increased surveillance-data throughput, retention, and retrieval.

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Technical Computing

Optimize performance for petabyte-scale, data-intensive applications.

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Backup and Recovery

Get cost-effective, reliable, fast storage for backing up heterogeneous environments.

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Multiple Business Advantages

Accelerate Business Pictogram

Boost performance.

Accelerate performance for high-IOPS, low-latency applications and high-bandwidth, high-throughput applications.

Easy Configuration Pictogram

Maximize uptime.

Realize best-in-class reliability with automated features, online configuration, state-of-the-art Dynamic Disk Pools technology, and more.

Storage Flexibility Pictogram

Gain flexibility.

Simplify storage-management chores. Gain the flexibility you need for advanced tuning of all E-Series storage systems.

Web Based Interface Pictogram

Manage anytime, anywhere.

Manage your NetApp E-Series system—anytime, anywhere. Our on-box, web-based interface streamlines your management workflow.


NetApp SANtricity software lets you achieve maximum performance and utilization of your E-Series Hybrid-Flash Storage Systems and EF-Series Flash Storage Arrays.

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Software Features
Operating system and system management SANtricity System Manager 11.40
High-availability features [1] Dual active controller with automated I/O path failover
Automatic load balancing and path connectivity monitoring
Dynamic Disk Pools technology and traditional RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10
Redundant, hot-swappable storage controllers, disk drives, power supplies, and fans
Automatic rebuild after a drive failure
Mirrored data cache with battery-backed destage to flash
Proactive drive health monitoring that identifies problems before they create issues
Up to six-nines availability (with appropriate configuration and service plans)
Host operating systems Apple Mac OS
CentOS Linux
Microsoft Windows Server
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Oracle Enterprise Linux
Oracle Solaris
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Ubuntu Linux
VMware ESX
Included software features SANtricity synchronous and asynchronous mirroring
SANtricity volume copy
SANtricity Cloud Connector
SANtricity Snapshot
SANtricity SSD cache
SANtricity thin provisioning
Dynamic Disk Pools technology
Data assurance (T10 PI ANSI standard)
Role-based access control and audit log
LDAP support
Native drive encryption key management
External (KMIP-compliant) key management
Optional software feature SANtricity Drive Encryption [1]
System capabilities Full Stripe Write Acceleration (FSWA) to accelerate system write performance
Dynamic volume expansion
Dynamic capacity expansion and contraction
Dynamic RAID-level migration
Dynamic segment-size migration
Embedded system event monitoring
NetApp AutoSupport for proactive maintenance
Online SANtricity OS upgrades and drive firmware upgrades
VMware vSphere Storage APIs—Array Integration (VAAI)
Microsoft Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)
Application plug-ins [2] NetApp SANtricity Plug-In for VMware vCenter
NetApp SANtricity Performance App for Splunk Enterprise
NetApp SANtricity Plug-In for Nagios
Open management NetApp SANtricity Web Services embedded REST API
NetApp PowerShell Toolkit
NetApp SANtricity Secure CLI
  • [1] Hardware and software for at-rest data encryption are not available in certain countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.
  • [2] Plug-ins can be downloaded at no charge from or the application partner website.

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