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Get a first look at the NetApp Cloud Volumes Service on the cloud platform of your choice.

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NetApp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) maintain a proven partnership to deliver agile, secure and flexible data services for your most demanding cloud requirements.

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NetApp extends the reach of its world-class data services to Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics and machine learning.


Primary Workloads

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File Services

Data is the heart of your digital transformation. The faster you get your data into the cloud, the quicker you can accelerate development and grow your business.

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Bring your file-based application data closer to cloud-based analytics services. Achieve real-time insights in a dynamically scalable environment.

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Store databases in high-performance file services in the cloud, with ability to revert to previous states and create rapid clones for dev/test.

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Automate your workspace with REST APIs. Use NetApp cloning capabilities to significantly reduce your development turns. Save on cloud expenses.