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NetApp Cloud Data Services

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Whatever you need to do in the cloud or across clouds, NetApp has the service to help you do it faster, easier, and more secure than you imagined.

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Build the hybrid cloud you need.

Simplify and integrate data management across cloud and on premises to accelerate digital transformation
no matter what your cloud strategy demands. Get unmatched control, protection, and efficiency for your data workloads and applications with the complete ease and flexibility of the cloud.


  • Oracle

    Develop applications faster and improve efficiencies while achieving the database performance and protection you need.

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  • High Performance Computing & Analytics

    Accelerate time to insight with ease to make smarter business decisions, advance scientific research, and increase customer satisfaction.

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  • File Sharing

    Increase user productivity with efficient shared file storage for Windows and Linux clients.

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  • Cloud Native Applications

    Accelerate application development, build and test, with modern tools and enterprise persistent storage for containers.

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Protect against disasters by efficiently replicating primary NetApp storage to your choice of cloud.

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  • MySQL

    Realize the full potential of your MySQL database deployment with the right cloud storage.

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  • SQL Server

    Choose the right cloud storage to unleash the power of your SQL database cloud deployment.

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  • SAP

    Accelerate projects, simplify operations, and move to the cloud faster with NetApp Cloud Services for SAP.

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  • PostgreSQL

    Deploy the right cloud storage to drive high-performance PostgreSQL deployments.

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  • Remote Office/Branch Office

    Consolidate storage and deliver fast and secure access to user data to distributed offices globally.

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  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Simplify the deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures on your choice of cloud.

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  • The #1 Shared Storage Platform in the Public Clouds

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Deploy the complete Cloud Data Services portfolio.

Only NetApp provides a complete data services portfolio with everything you need for anything you're
running in the cloud all right at your fingertips in Cloud Central.

Leading Partnerships

NetApp Cloud Data Services are available on the biggest clouds
and integrated with leading technology partners and orchestration tools.

Available on all the biggest clouds.

Qualified with leading technology partners.

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The cloud is meant to make life faster, easier, and better. So we made the next step on your cloud journey the simplest one of all.

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