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Explore NetApp Cloud Data Services

Simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation with a complete portfolio of data services to deliver advanced cloud solutions.

Only NetApp provides solutions for all your cloud workloads: primary, secondary and Kubernetes.

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Cloud Storage

Run and scale business-critical enterprise apps in the world's largest clouds with the performance and advanced data management features typically reserved for on-prem storage environments.

Cloud Controls

Cloud-native applications and modern cloud architectures enable rapid development and deployment but create complexity. Unwind the intricacy with automation that reduces costs and increases utilization.

  • NetApp Kubernetes Service

    Scale from one developer to thousands. The simplest way to deploy a Kubernetes cluster to the clouds.

Cloud Analytics

Always-on services that provide exceptional uptime, reliability and scalability are essential. But even world-class architectures still need proactive monitoring to meet service level agreements (SLAs) that keep organizations on-line and users on-track.

  • Cloud Insights

    SaaS-based tool that provides monitoring and cost optimization for your modern hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

Data Services

Firms need flexibility in how and where data is stored and protected. Streamlining data movement and simplifying data protection gives companies the freedom to choose the most cost-effective and convenient options to meet their business SLAs.

Discover how you can thrive in a hybrid cloud world:

  • Control and secure your data in the cloud
  • Optimize cloud-based file services
  • Scale DevOps workloads
  • Simplify use of cloud analytics
  • Minimize database migration complexity
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Inspire Innovation

Available on all the biggest clouds.

  • Azure logo

    The NetApp and Microsoft partnership meets your demands fast. Deliver leading NetApp cloud data services as your own, providing the seamless experience customers expect from the cloud.

    Discover NetApp + Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud logo

    NetApp extends the reach of its world-class data services to Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics, and machine learning.

    Discover NetApp + Google Cloud
  • AWS Logo

    NetApp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) maintain a proven partnership to deliver agile, secure, and flexible data services for your most demanding cloud requirements.

    Discover NetApp + AWS

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