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SnapMirror Data Replication

Discover fast, efficient, array-based data replication for backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility.

Supported Products

SnapMirror offers efficient, array-based replication for backup and disaster recovery across the Data Fabric.

All Flash FAS A-Series

Replicate efficiently to another AFF system or to any other SnapMirror® supported system for backup and DR.

ONTAP Select

Deploy software-defined storage for your remote or branch offices—and in your data center.

FAS Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays

Leverage FAS systems’ massive scalability for a central backup repository and data multiuse.

SolidFire and NetApp HCI

Enable seamless data replication between SolidFire or NetApp HCI and NetApp AFF or FAS through SnapMirror® integration with Element OS.


Replicate data to and from the cloud to support DevOps and cloud-based disaster recovery.

AltaVault Cloud-integrated Storage

Deliver end-to-end Snapshot™-based backup to the cloud leveraging SnapMirror integration with AltaVault™.

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