NetApp Inc. WSCA/NASPO Master Price Agreement Number: B27170

Contract Term: September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2014

Federal Tax ID: 77-0307520

NetApp Inc., a WSCA/NASPO PC Contracts 2009-2014 holder, does not anticipate any delays in providing the products or services listed in the NetApp WSCA/NASPO price list as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. NetApp will update this webpage with current information regarding changes in availability should they occur. Thank you.

Here you will find information on NetApp’s products and services available on the WSCA/NASPO contract and be connected to the designated NetApp purchasing source for your state. NetApp’s WSCA/NASPO customers will be serviced by select local NetApp Partners who have been authorized specifically for their primary states of operation. These resellers are focused to assist WSCA/NASPO customers in the purchase and use of NetApp products available under the contract and will:  

  • Provide quoting and configuration services
  • Supply expert technical assistance
  • Support field sales and engineering staff
  • Selected resellers will host an electronic catalog for WSCA/NASPO and support on-line ordering and tracking

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Your NetApp, Inc. WSCA/NASPO Contacts:

Contract Management:
Denise Orosco
Manager of Sales Operations
Phone: (530) 644-1467

Order Placement and Billing Concerns:
Chris Barnhart
Inside Sales Representative
Phone: (919) 476-4466

Service Renewals/Upgrades:
Jarrod Patterson
Service Contract Administrator
Phone: (408) 822-6000

Warranty, Maintenance, and Problem Requests:
Phone: (888) 4-NETAPP = (888) 463-8277 or (916) 576-7808

Click here to access the official WSCA/NASPO website.