Business Value Consulting

    NetApp Business Value Consulting helps you make financial sense of your data storage project, right from the start.

    Overcome hurdles in the purchase approval cycle by demonstrating positive returns on your planned IT investment and calculating the cost of making a change. NetApp® Business Value Consultants can provide a customized ROI and TCO analysis in advance of the deployment of your new data storage solutions.

    Much like a systems engineer works to architect the right technology solution, our Business Value Consulting experts work to architect the right procurement strategy to help you achieve your IT and business goals. Working with you and your data, we develop a comprehensive business case that translates the benefits of NetApp technology into the business language of finance executives.

    An outstanding resource for your success, Business Value Consulting is provided at no extra charge to NetApp customers.

    Learn more about how Business Value Consulting can help your financial decision makers recognize the benefits of proposed IT investments.