Use NetApp On Demand Advantage pay-per-use financing to deploy storage capacity ahead of need, matching cost to use.

    Scale your storage capacity with speed and efficiency, and pay for capacity only when you use it.

    By substituting operating expense (opex) for capital expenditure (capex), you can free up capital for other IT investments, while still meeting your near-term storage capacity demands. With On Demand Advantage, storage is preinstalled and available for immediate use–to meet both planned and unplanned capacity requirements. You can augment the base amount of storage provided on day one with additional buffer capacity to handle usage spikes and future growth.

    NetApp® On Demand Advantage outpaces traditional financing models by streamlining the purchase of incremental storage. Get the storage you need, when you need it, with no price negotiation, no new contract to approve, and no extended procurement process.

    This innovative use-then-pay capital solution provides the best possible return on investment, while aligning costs with actual storage utilization.

    Learn more about how On Demand Advantage can help you match your budget to your storage needs.

    Experience Immediate ROI by Financing