NetApp Capital Solutions

    NetApp Capital Solutions offers innovating financing options for purchasing NetApp hardware, software, and services.

    NetApp® Capital Solutions helps reconcile two often opposing objectives: reducing IT costs, while investing in business innovation.

    NetApp data storage solutions reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT infrastructure, and NetApp Capital Solutions increases your financial flexibility in purchasing NetApp solutions. By combining all your IT requirements into one strategic acquisition through NetApp Capital Solutions, you can achieve purchasing savings that free up capital for operating costs or further IT investments.

    We make it possible to realize immediate return on your new investment, maintain profitability, and improve your competitiveness by making it easier to stay ahead of advances in technology.

    Whether you need cash to build a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure or you want to enhance your company’s bottom line, NetApp Capital Solutions provides financial options designed to meet your business objectives.

    To get started, contact your NetApp Financial Solutions Manager today.

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    Financial Solutions

    Manage cash flow and stay at the forefront of advances in technology.

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