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    Federal Tax ID: 77-0307520

    State contract number: 1-13-70-18
    Contract Term: July 19, 2013 through July 18, 2019

    Use of this contract is mandatory for all State of California departments.
    All orders for NetApp, Inc. data storage devices and software must be issued directly to NetApp, Inc.
    The California DGS contract number 1-13-70-18 must appear on all purchase orders.

    Your NetApp, Inc. California DGS Contacts:

    All State & Local Government & all levels of education
    Mark Scannell
    District Manager
    Phone: (408) 596-0578

    Contract Management:
    Wendy Goodman, Sales Operations Program Manager
    Phone: (919) 476-5828

    For sales, service renewals and upgrades:
    Phone:  (877) 2 NETAPP or (877) 263-8277

    For technical support, click here:
    Phone:  (888) 4 NETAPP or (888) 463-8277

    Access the official California DGS website.

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