State of Alabama – ALJP2013

Contract Number: NetApp – ALJP2013-41

Product Line Contract: NetApp – ALJP2013
Contract Term 3/8/13 through 3/7/16

About ALJP
Please visit the ALJP 2013 website to learn more about the Alabama Joint Purchasing Program.

Scope of Offerings
NetApp's entire North American Price List, including hardware and software maintenance services, professional services and training.

NetApp Product Line Offering

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
The NetApp Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2008 by a third-party registrar. The scope of the NetApp registration includes the design and manufacturing of high-performance network data storage devices.

NetApp has been registered to ISO 9001 certification since May 1997. Most recently, NetApp received a certificate for registration to ISO 9001:2008 in October 2012.

NetApp ISO 9001 Certification (PDF)

Vendor Information

NetApp, Inc. (Headquarters)
495 East Java Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94089
United States
Tel: +1 408 822 6000
Fax: +1 408 822 4501

NetApp U.S. Public Sector
1921 Gallows Road Suite 600
Vienna VA 22182
United States
Tel: +1 703 918 7200
Fax:  +1 703 918 7301

Bid Response Contact
Harry Franks
Sales Operations Program Manager
Phone: (703) 918-7317

Ordering Instructions & Payment Information
Authorized NetApp Resellers can provide quotes, accept purchase orders, and accept payment from ALJP eligible end users located in the state of Alabama.

NetApp products and services shall be thirty (30) days from the shipping date or otherwise agreed to between Reseller and Authorized User.

Purchase Order Instructions

  1. Select one of the Authorized Resellers listed below.
  2. Issue the Purchase Order directly to the selected Authorized Reseller.
  3. Include the following contact info: Your customer name and phone number, "Ship To" and "Bill To" addresses.

Authorized Resellers will directly ship the orders placed to the identified "Ship To" address(es). Customers will then be invoiced directly by the Authorized Resellers.

Authorized Resellers

NetApp hardware products are sold with either a one-year or a three-year warranty, depending on the product line purchased. Software is sold with a 90-day media replacement warranty.

In the case of both hardware and software, NetApp offers maintenance and support services packages as well as extended warranty options. The warranty becomes effective on the shipment date.

Warranty claims, as well as maintenance services, are handled by calling the NetApp Technical Support Center at 1 (888) 4-NETAPP. They can also be handled automatically via AutoSupport or by opening a support request online at the NetApp Support Web site.

Shipping and Delivery Information
ALJP Contract is FOB Destination and pricing includes standard shipping at no additional cost.

NetApp storage systems ship from Olive Branch, MS (Memphis).  Under normal circumstances, order to ship times typically range from 2-4 weeks for configured systems and less than one week for off-the-shelf parts.

E-Verify Information

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