WSCA/NASPO PC Contracts customer satisfaction questionnaire

    The Minnesota Department of Administration's Materials Management Division (MMD) is surveying WSCA/NASPO contract users about their satisfaction with the WSCA/NASPO Computer/Printer/Storage Contractors, with a focus on service.

    The WSCA/NASPO Directors would like an overall sense of how NetApp is performing relative to fulfilling customer orders and to identify where improvements in the purchasing experience are needed.

    Please answer the following questions based on your experience with your most recent purchase from NetApp:

    Purchase Information

    What type of product/service did you purchase?
    Select all that apply.


    To what extent did the product that you ordered meet the specifications on the Purchase Order?

    Was the product delivered to you within the timeframe in the Contract and on your Purchase Order?

    Did the invoice for this purchase correctly reflect the price on the Purchase Order?

    Was the invoiced price equal to or better than the posted website contract price?


    How satisfied were you with the Contractor's responsiveness to answering your questions?

    How satisfied were you with the Contractor's responsiveness to providing product support via warranty or maintenance after warranty service?

    If you needed to return your purchase for any reason, how satisfied were you with the Contractor's return process?

    How satisfied were you with the ease of use of the Contractor's website?

    Did the Contractor’s Customer Support staff respond to your inquiries and resolve your problems in a timely manner?

    Please rate your overall satisfaction with this purchasing experience:

    Respondent Information Required

    Please include the Full Name/Address of the Entity responding to this survey. This information will not be divulged to persons who do not have a need to know.

    Additional Comments or Questions

    What could this Contractor do to increase your satisfaction with similar purchases in the future? Be specific on any areas of dissatisfaction, including problems with the website that you may have encountered. Use extra space, if necessary.