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View "Leverage the Power of the Next-Generation Data Center" and discover how a next-generation data center can help you scale and accelerate business performance. Learn how to unleash data to power digital transformation and address your top business imperatives.

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At this virtual event, industry leader John Rollason joined by 451 Research Vice President Henry Baltazar discuss how an agile next-generation infrastructure can help you deliver IT services more efficiently and cost effectively, while enabling you to meet changing demands.

Gain practical insights, and build knowledge. Explore customer success stories and real-world demos.

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Attend sessions, see product demonstrations, and learn how NetApp customers are building next-generation data centers. Choose the sessions that align with your strategic initiatives to get a head start on accelerating your business.

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Session TitlePresenter
Keynote: "The Rise of the Next-Generation Data Center"Henry Baltazar
Research Vice President, Storage, 451 Research
General Session: "Build Your Next-Generation Data Center Today!"John Rollason
Product and Solutions Marketing, NGDC
"Simplify and Automate Your Private Cloud" Track
"Beyond OpenStack: SolidFire and the Next-Generation Data Center"Jeremiah Dooley
Principal Architect, Office of the CTO
"NetApp HCI. Are you Ready for What's Next in Hyper Converged Infrastructure?"Gabriel Chapman
Senior Manager, NetApp HCI

Cindy Goodell
Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp HCI
"End User Computing with NetApp: AFA, CI & HCI"Chris Gebhardt
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer & VDI Product Manager, Data Fabric & Manageability Group
"Accelerate DevOps" Track
"Using Storage Infrastructure as an Accelerator of DevOps Maturity"Josh Atwell
Developer Advocate, NetApp SolidFire
"Removing the Barrier to Persistent Storage for Docker and Kubernetes"Andrew Sullivan
Technical Marketing Engineer, Manageability Products Group
"How to Integrate with SolidFire From the Bottom Up"Adam Haid
Senior Engineer, SolidFire Host Integrations
"Build Cloud Hosting Infrastructure" Track
"Enabling Multi-tenant Storage with NetApp SolidFire"Brad Katz
Senior Product Manager, NetApp SolidFire
"StorageGRID Webscale Considerations for Service Providers and Large Enterprise"Steve Pruchniewski
Technical Marketing Engineer, StorageGRID
"Next-Generation Business Strategies for Service Providers"Stuart Oliver
Global Consulting Director, Next-Generation Data Center
"Optimized Unstructured Data" Track
"Introduction to Object Storage and StorageGRID Webscale"Duncan Moore
Director, StorageGRID Webscale
"NetApp StorageGRID Webscale: Managing Object Durability"Felix Lau
Technical Marketing Engineer, StorageGRID
"NetApp StorageGRID Webscale + AWS: Delivering True Hybrid Clouds"Vishnu Vardhan
Senior Product Manager, StorageGRID

View full session abstracts  

Session Abstracts

Watch the keynote address and general session, then choose the breakout sessions that will help your organization speed digital transformation.


The Rise of the Next-Generation Data Center
Henry Baltazar, Research Vice President, Storage, 451 Research
As organizations formulate digital transformation strategies to improve the service delivery of their IT resources, next-generation data centers have an increasing role in that fulfillment. Learn about the potential benefits of this new architecture. This presentation will cover key topics, including:

  • How NGDC can help simplify and automate IT infrastructures
  • How cloud hosting infrastructures will be affected
  • The need to accelerate DevOps transformation
  • Innovations and expanding requirements for managing unstructured data

General Session

Build Your Next-Generation Data Center Today!
John Rollason, Product and Solutions Marketing Director, Next-Generation Data Center
Accelerate your business with a next-generation, webscale infrastructure to develop, deploy, and consume modern applications at cloud speed.

  • Learn how to build a cloud-like infrastructure to deliver IT services more quickly, efficiently, and economically.
  • Create simple, software-defined, scale-out infrastructure with industry-standard hardware and flexible consumption models.
  • Overcome the operational pressure of changing infrastructure demands in modern IT environments.

Breakout Tracks and Sessions

Track #1: Simplify and Automate Your Private Cloud
Beyond OpenStack: SolidFire and the Next-Generation Data Center

Jeremiah Dooley, Principal Architect, Office of the CTO
As a cloud management platform designed to support next-generation and cloud native workloads, OpenStack is an increasing focus for NetApp customers. The NetApp® next-generation data center (NGDC) portfolio offers a perfectly aligned architecture to deliver OpenStack private clouds faster and more easily, while enabling highly differentiated storage. Learn how NetApp's NGDC portfolio lets you run more applications, in more locations, with better performance and scalability, unlocking the potential of OpenStack in your enterprise.

NetApp HCI. Are You Ready for What's Next in Hyper Converged Infrastructure?
Gabriel Chapman, Senior Manager, NetApp HCI
Cindy Goodell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp HCI
The initial versions of hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions were designed to reduce the complexity of deploying storage and compute resources. To achieve simplicity, vendors had to make trade-offs that limited performance, flexibility, and consolidation capabilities, impacting how and where HCI could be used in the enterprise data center. NetApp HCI is the first enterprise-scale hyper converged infrastructure built specifically to solve these first-generation challenges.

Learn how NetApp HCI enables you to confidently deploy a hyper converged infrastructure in the core of your most demanding data centers by:

  • Delivering unique Quality of Service limits that allow granular control of every application
  • Scaling compute and storage resources independently, so you buy only what you use
  • Integrating into the NetApp Data Fabric for enhanced data portability, visibility, and protection

End-User Computing with NetApp: AFA, CI, & HCI
Chris Gebhardt, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer & VDI Product Manager, Data Fabric & Manageability Group
Challenges such as improper sizing, complex deployments, changing workloads, and unpredictable growth all contribute to slowing end-user computing (EUC) projects—or causing them to fail. How do you design a solution that allows you to start small, adjust dynamically with your workload, and grow as needed? In this session, you'll learn how to remove the risk of refreshing your EUC infrastructure, or deploying a new one, while keeping your users productive. We'll explore why EUC projects fail and how to make sure that they're successful. This session will give you the keys to enable your business to overcome these challenges and simplify sizing and deployment by using NetApp solutions for EUC.

Track #2: Accelerate DevOps
Using Storage Infrastructure as an Accelerator of DevOps Maturity

Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate, NetApp SolidFire
Most DevOps journeys involve several phases of maturity. Research shows that organizations see maximum value when they tightly integrate deploying their code to their infrastructure. Success at this level is the last barrier to at-will deployment, and storage is about more than simply where data is read and written.

We discuss the role and value of extensible storage infrastructure in accelerating software development activities, improving code quality, revealing multiple deployment options through automated testing, and supporting continuous integration efforts. Explore how you can achieve these benefits by using tools that are common in DevOps organizations.

Removing the Barrier to Persistent Storage for Docker and Kubernetes
Andrew Sullivan, Technical Marketing Engineer, Manageability Products Group
Providing persistent storage to containerized applications is fundamental for many organizations. As application teams adopt container technologies to expedite and simplify the process of deploying applications, the consumption of storage becomes more complex. NetApp's container integrations enable the application to consume and manage persistent storage directly, while also using the tools and interfaces that developers are already familiar with. In this session, we discuss how the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin and Trident, NetApp's dynamic provisioner for Kubernetes, frictionlessly empower the application to consume the storage resources they need, on demand, while operating within the constraints set by the storage administrator. Persistence isn't a barrier or a challenge when using NetApp; it's a seamless part of the application lifecycle, where the storage you use can make a difference in the DevOps process.

How to Integrate with SolidFire from the Bottom Up
Adam Haid, Senior Engineer, SolidFire Host Integrations
With all the ways to manage a SolidFire storage system, choosing the one that's right for you can be overwhelming. We'll start at the bottom and work our way up the stack, demonstrating all of the SolidFire integration options and discussing the pros and cons of each.

Track #3: Build Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
Enabling Multi-tenant Storage with NetApp SolidFire

Brad Katz, Senior Product Manager, NetApp SolidFire
Whether you are playing the role of cloud provider for your organization's internal IT consumers, or your business is providing cloud services on a public platform, today's IT environments require consolidation and multi-tenancy from storage solutions to meet business needs. This session offers a detailed, technical discussion of key NetApp SolidFire technologies that enable large-scale, multi-tenant storage pools. We examine the SolidFire QoS engine in detail and explore SolidFire capabilities that allow you to implement effective multi-tenant network schemes using storage VLANs. Learn how this technology integrates into data center environments with OpenStack and VMware, enabling you to build and manage agile, scalable cloud infrastructure for your next-generation data center.

StorageGRID Webscale Considerations for Service Providers and Large Enterprise
Steve Pruchniewski, Technical Marketing Engineer, StorageGRID
Find out the the key features of NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale that service providers and enterprise customers are using to provide object storage services today. Discover how to design resilient multisite, multitier architectures while leveraging the StorageGRID intelligent data management capabilities to create service offerings. And we take a deep dive into the StorageGRID tenant management features and enable self-service portals.

Next-Generation Business Strategies for Service Providers
Stuart Oliver, Global Consulting Director, Next-Generation Data Center
This session is designed to give service providers an understanding of current market trends and to show how other NetApp service-provider customers are taking storage to market. Hear insider data and detailed information about the pricing, productization, and positioning of cloud and hosting services.

Track #4: Optimize Unstructured Data
Introduction to Object Storage and StorageGRID Webscale

Duncan Moore, Director, StorageGRID Webscale
This session introduces object storage and the NetApp enterprise object storage platform, StorageGRID Webscale. Learn key concepts and object-storage use cases, as we compare and contrast those with traditional file-and-block approaches. We also walk through key capabilities of the product, including:

  • Flexible deployment options
  • Advanced data placement options
  • Integrated third-party solutions

NetApp StorageGRID Webscale: Managing Object Durability
Felix Lau, Technical Marketing Engineer, StorageGRID
This session discusses the durability features of NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, from n-way replication through layered erasure coding. We walk through trade-offs between efficiency, availability, and performance for durability selection in an object store.

NetApp StorageGRID Webscale + AWS: Delivering True Hybrid Clouds
Vishnu Vardhan, Senior Product Manager, StorageGRID
StorageGRID Webscale 11.0 introduces a set of features that make creating hybrid clouds a reality. StorageGRID now enables customers to leverage cloud compute and create a single data pipeline involving on-premises storage with cloud resources.