"Step Up with Flash" Webcast Series

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In a rapidly evolving IT environment, enterprises face huge challenges. You need to be agile, flexible, and able to “do more with less.” Learn how to keep up with the demands of your data, whether in the data center or the cloud. Watch our webcast series to take advantage of proven data management strategies and discover the benefits of enterprise-grade flash storage.

Our “Step Up with Flash” series brings together industry experts including Eric Burgener, research director of IDC’s Storage Practice, along with senior storage and cloud architects. During these short webcasts, you will hear:

  • Tips for optimizing ROI with all-flash storage arrays
  • Best practices for addressing data management complexities in a hybrid cloud
  • Real-life examples of how companies use flash and the cloud in a Data Fabric
  • Evaluation criteria for deploying software-as-a-service applications on an all-flash array
  • CIO perspectives on how all-flash solutions can simplify IT operations
Josh Atwell

Josh Atwell

  • Developer Advocate, NetApp SolidFire

Josh Atwell focuses on building a community of customers and partners looking to be more successful with our APIs, SDKs, and other integrations. Josh is hands on with a wide range of software packages and methodologies and always looks for opportunities to share and grow collective knowledge. Josh holds a degree in aerospace engineering from North Carolina State University.

Eric Burgener

  • Research Director, IDC's Storage Practice

Eric Burgener serves as a research director for IDC’s Storage Practice, which includes storage systems, software, and solutions research offerings; quarterly trackers; end-user research; and advisory services and consulting programs. Eric’s areas of coverage include flash (from a solution point of view) and software-defined storage, and he is an active participant in the IT Buyers Research Program at IDC. Eric has worked with enterprise storage technologies, including both hardware- and software-based solutions, since 1991. For most of his career on the vendor side, Eric worked with emerging open systems technologies. This area included high availability in the early 1990s; replication, SAN management, and storage virtualization in the late 1990s; continuous data replication; and, most recently, flash and software-defined storage for use in virtual environments.


Edward Dibeler

  • CIO, Automated Healthcare Solutions

Edward Dibeler left the corporate IT world in 2000 to start Puma Telecommunications, a fully skilled IT consulting firm. Focusing on software development and integration, Edward began creating hybrid voice and data systems. In 2008, Puma Telecommunications was contracted by AHCS, a leader in physician dispensing software systems. The partnership continued until 2012, when Edward was asked to serve as consulting CIO for ezVerify, a subsidiary of AHCS. Edward officially became CIO for AHCS and ezVerify in 2013.

Andrew Grimes

  • Principal Architect for Flash, NetApp

Andy has been in the IT industry for 15 years, working with a wide range of customer and deployment models on both the development side and the customer side. Andy has worked at NetApp for eight years. In the past year, after joining the flash team, he saw NetApp go from #5 to #2 in the industry (according to IDC). He also saw NetApp named a Leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays. Andy has a BS degree in psychology, a BPA in management information systems, and an MBA.

Kevin Hill

  • Cloud Solutions Architect, NetApp

As a key member of the Cloud Business Unit, Kevin is focused on NetApp’s hybrid cloud solutions and on promoting the benefits they bring to our customers. He has been with NetApp for over 12 years and has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, focusing on instilling resiliency through standardization and automation. “Automation of everything” is one of Kevin’s passions. One of his mottos is that “You can do it by hand—but you shouldn’t have to.”


"Achieve Unparalleled Performance for All of Your Applications"

Enterprises are searching for affordable ways to boost the performance of all applications, including business-critical databases, OLTP systems, CRM systems, private and hybrid clouds, and others. All-flash storage arrays—with increasingly attractive performance levels—are a much sounder investment than traditional spinning disks. Please join Eric Burgener, research director of IDC's Storage Practice, and Andrew Grimes, principal architect for flash at NetApp, for this lively discussion. You will hear how you can boost the performance of all of your applications while achieving a compelling return on investment.

Session time: 15 minutes

"Tiering Data to the Cloud: When to Do It and How"

Organizations increasingly embrace cloud models to support improvements in economics, performance, agility, and ease of use. But the shift to the cloud brings a host of data management challenges. These challenges include what to store in the cloud, where to store it, how to achieve cost efficiencies, and how to simplify the process with limited resources. In this webcast, Eric Burgener, research director of IDC's Storage Practice, and Kevin Hill, cloud solutions architect at NetApp, discuss practical data management solutions. With these solutions, your organization can realize the full potential of the hybrid cloud to drive mobility, speed, and freedom of choice.

Session time: 19 minutes

"Building a Next-Gen Storage Infrastructure for SaaS Applications"

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are proliferating to meet the unique needs of users in industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail, to name just a few. To be successful, SaaS providers must be agile, flexible, and efficient not only in the development of new features, but also in the way they consume infrastructure resources. These providers need a new type of storage system that can support an "infrastructure-as-code" approach to system design. Discover how to deploy SaaS applications on a scale-out storage infrastructure designed to meet the needs of agile IT teams, DevOps practitioners, and cloud service providers.

Session time: 15 minutes