NetApp Virtual Technology Day

    Topic Summaries

    NetApp Data Fabric – Cloud Strategy
    The biggest challenge facing customers moving to the cloud is the fear of "lock-in" (Economist Oct. 2015). There are no common interoperability standards making long-term decision making difficult. NetApp answer to this problem is the vision to create a seamless fabric between private, public and hybrid clouds. This is the NetApp Data Fabric Vision. Learn about the vision and how we are delivering on it.
    Data ONTAP 8.3 and beyond
    Data ONTAP is the single most deployed storage OS in the world. Data ONTAP 7 changed storage virtualization in remarkable way and Cluster Data ONTAP is continuing that innovation. The latest version of Data ONTAP is 8.3. Learn about what's new in ONTAP and where it is heading. Learn about the future with software only to custom hardware to full virtualized deployments.
    Redefining Cloud Data Service Management
    Cloud, for the Service Provider, is all about end-user management simplicity. Learn about the automation and management services available, for free, to customers. Learn about WFA, API Services, OCI and other tools. Learn how automation, SLO based design can help Service be prescriptive on storage consumption.
    NetApp All Flash Strategy
    NetApp was the first to ship flash based acceleration cards and is one of the leading shippers of flash for storage. The prices have fallen by more than 70% since 2012. The market looks different now with so many startup's promising to solve problems in a confined space. What is NetApp's flash strategy?
    OpenStack – Changing how we look at automation and management
    OpenStack is changing how services are being designed and delivered. NetApp has been a longtime contributor to the OpenStack community. Hear about how OpenStack can automate and manage NetApp provisioning and where things are heading.
    Object Storage - Future
    Object storage has come a long way in a short period of time. Organizations are just realizing it's potential. AWS S3 is now as popular as EC2. NetApp has continuously expanded Object storage offering since acquiring Bycast in 2010. Learn about the new features and innovations in NetApp Object Storage portfolio.
    Redefining Backups in the Cloud Arena
    NetApp made snapshots fashionable in 1995, now we are doing the same to Enterprise backup to the cloud. Learn about our Backup to Cloud products and solutions. Learn how these solutions can be used by SP's to backup their customers at low cost.
    Database Solutions for Service Providers
    Managing databases in a service provider context is complicated. Learn how NetApp is making managing databases easier for service providers.
    3rd Platform Applications on NetApp
    3rd is the third computing platform consisting of the inter-dependencies between social, mobile, analytics (big data) and cloud. IDC predicts that by 2020, most IT investments will be in that space. Learn about NetApp's solutions in this space.