Save the date! Please join us for NetApp Cloud Data Services Bootcamp.

June 25 in Irvine
June 26 in El Segundo

What to Expect
This event is designed for NetApp Cloud First Partner technical teams who are interested in getting hands on experience with our latest products. If you are not a Cloud First Partner or new to NetApp CDS portfolio, we still welcome you to attend and start on your cloud learning path.

Aaron Kremer, Technical Lead for Cloud First Partners
Nick Howell, Technical Lead for Cloud First Partners

Preparing for Bootcamp

  • Make sure you have Cloud Central log in You can use your SSO log in credential.
  • Review NetApp CDS on Cloud Central.
  • Check out "nVidia branded NKS" demo.
  • Check out "Create Amazon EKS with NKS" video.


10:00–12:00 - CVS Product Review, Use Cases, Success Stories and Demos
  • CVS for AWS
  • CVS for GCP
  • Cloud Insights

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch Break and Working Labs for CVS on AWS

The labs will include provisioning a volume, setting up and recovering from snapshots, volume cloning and using Cloud Sync to replicate from on-prem to the CVS volume. Lunch will be provided

1:30–3:00 - Product Review, Use Cases, Success Stories and Demos 
  • Azure NetApp Files
  • NetApp Kubernetes Service
  • Data Fabric Manager

3:00–4:00 - Hands on ANF experience and Q&A

4:00–6:00 - Please join us after the event for happy hour

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