NetApp Angelbeat Live Webcast

DATE:Thursday, April 13, 2017
TIME:10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET
Are you buried by the weight of your infrastructure? Evaluating Hyper-Converged solutions? Need a simple, scalable solution for your applications?

Every company has a tipping point. A point in the evolution of their IT organization where the inertia of the old, the silos, the manual operations processes, the traditional infrastructures and platforms are outweighed by the demands of the business. This is the place where the Next Generation Data Center becomes the only true solution.

Join us in an exclusive event and learn how SolidFire can help you eliminate data migrations, guarantee performance, self-heal, and self-serve, all without any knowledge in storage. Experience the "shared-nothing" infrastructure that makes traditional environments look "cable-defined" by comparison. Storage for the non-storage person. Informative knowledge exchange that you don't want to miss.

Questions? Contact Jonathan Vlock.


Jeramiah Dooley
Jeramiah Dooley
Principal Architect
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Ron Gerber
Ron Gerber
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