Synopsys, Meet the New NetApp

Synopsys, Meet the New NetApp

As ever, our focus is on solving our customers’ problems—such as those you’re facing at Synopsys—and enabling faster, more agile, and more responsive IT. We’re helping organizations like yours free data from silos, no matter where it resides, to optimize operations, enable new customer touchpoints, and create innovative opportunities everywhere. All with the speed and reliability you expect.

Open standards and native data mobility allow our solutions to give you the flexibility to seamlessly and securely move data to wherever you need it—from private cloud to Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure to virtually anywhere else, and back again. With ease and without risk to data integrity.

We empower your apps teams with a self-service platform to provision, clone, decommission, and backup what they need, when they need it—dramatically shortening development times and improving quality assurance.

Plus, multivendor support, capacity planning tools, and a simplified, unified user experience mean we’re ready to help you manage data growth and scale with ease. While your applications and end-users benefit from high-performance, reliable flash storage.

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Manage Cloud and On-Premises Environments as One

As the foundation for Data Fabric, NetApp ONTAP 9 empowers you to build a hybrid cloud that seamlessly spans flash, disk, and cloud.

Using it, you can manage your data from a single interface—while ensuring you have the data mobility needed to capture opportunities and make the best possible decisions for your organization.

This solution can help you become faster, more agile, and more responsive to changing business needs:

  • Deploy new workloads in less than 10 minutes.
  • Gain a global view of storage with a single management console.
  • Deploy on engineered systems, converged infrastructure, software-defined storage, and cloud.
  • Reduce storage costs with comprehensive data-reduction technologies.
  • Manage SAN and NAS workloads on a unified storage architecture.

Accelerate Your Business with Our Flash Storage Portfolio

In today’s storage infrastructure climate, experience is critical, and we have it.

According to the 2016 Worldwide All-Flash Array Market survey:

  • NetApp is number two in the market.
  • NetApp grew 2.7 times faster than the growth of the market.

We offer enterprise class scale-out, all-flash storage with the industry's most advanced data management capabilities. These solutions are designed to help you reduce costs and accelerate performance:

  • Consume 11x less power.
  • Use 11x less rack space.
  • Increase performance by at least 3x.
  • Decrease support costs by up to 67%.
  • Enable you to set up and serve data within 10 minutes.

Simplify Your Multivendor IT Management

We would like to introduce you to NetApp® OnCommand® Insight: data management software that makes it easy to understand your performance across all of your data centers and types of infrastructure. OnCommand Insight also lets you identify the root cause of issues and better understand usage and resource consumption.

This software offers a number of features that can make your life easier:

  • The ability to tie virtual machines back to their tenant so that you know which site or client is using which resources
  • Deep visibility into performance issues, bottlenecks, VM degradation, and more—all speeding issue resolution
  • Enhanced storage capacity planning and right-sizing through a deeper understanding of your current situation and user consumption habits
  • Integrated auditing functionality to help you keep track of all physical and virtual assets
  • More accurate billing through showback and chargeback functionality

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