S3 and Analytics: Taming Your Storage Costs

As cloud continues to innovate with new tools for analytics, feeding those tools predictably and efficiently can have substantial impact on the ROI and TCO of your project. In other words, think cost and control.

In this white paper we explore analytics from the perspective of S3 and the Cloud Volumes Service alternative. Much of the investigation will focus on the three-fold cost of using object storage, with attention paid to the S3 API. We will walk through a test workload and explore the costs thereof using AWS CloudTrail and AWS Athena and then follow up with a discussion on cost cutting and cost forecasting measures. We will close this architectural review with an investigation into the merits of the Cloud Volumes Service as the solution for in place analytics.

Compare costs of S3 and Cloud Volumes Service

Thank you for your interest in the "S3 and Analytics: Taming Your Storage Costs" white paper.

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