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Register now to test the new NetApp NFS Hybrid service for AWS—the first hybrid NFS service that delivers enterprise-class performance and availability for cloud applications and enterprise applications. You will be notified as soon as the preview opens.

NetApp NFS Hybrid for AWS is built on NetApp's proven ONTAP® technology and other hybrid cloud data services. It enables analytics, DevOps, enterprise applications, and backup and disaster recovery.

NetApp NFS Hybrid for AWS will:

  • Deliver more predictable performance over other cloud services.
  • Integrate with on-premises systems for seamless data migration and synchronization.
  • Integrate with AWS services such as analytics, databases and other native services.
  • Support cloud-only and hybrid cloud environments.

Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey, optimize operations and create innovative new business opportunities with NetApp and AWS.

NetApp NFS Hybrid Service for AWS Preview

AWS Marketplace
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