We're Ready to Make Life Easier at McKesson

It's our pleasure to be your new data management partner.

We're ready to get to work on your critical initiatives—such as the move to an all-flash environment and improving visibility and management across all your infrastructure platforms.

We've got a lot we'd like to share with you: Data Fabric, flash storage, enterprise application solutions, ONTAP 9, FlexPod, OnCommand Insight, and more.

Not to mention the awesome benefits we can help you enable, such as:

  • 4:1 increase in effective storage capacity
  • Faster backups: SAP HANA in 2 minutes instead of 72 hours
  • 0.5ms storage latencies for developer desktops, consistently

Explore this page to learn more about how we can help you and your team.

Let's then set up a time to discuss your latest data management challenges soon.

Streamline Your All-Flash Migration

We're thrilled to be your partner as you undertake the important conversion to all-flash data centers.

In a change like this, experience is critical, and we have it. According to the 2016 Worldwide All-Flash Array Market survey:

  • NetApp is number two in the market.
  • NetApp grew 2.7 times faster than the actual market growth.

Our goal? Help you cut your storage capacity requirements by at least 4:1 and help you move from 160 floor tiles (VMAX) to 8 (AFF). We can’t wait to get started.

Our all-flash storage solutions have other benefits in store for you, too:

  • Consume 11x less power
  • Utilize 11x less rack space
  • Increase performance by at least 3x
  • Decrease support costs by up to 67%
  • Enable you to setup and serve data within 10 minutes

Simplify Your Multivendor Infrastructure Management

We'd like to introduce you to NetApp® OnCommand® Insight: IT infrastructure monitoring software that makes it easy to understand performance across all your data centers and types of infrastructure, identify the root cause of issues, and better understand usage and resource consumption.

It offers a number of features that can make your life easier:

  • The ability to tie virtual machines back to their tenant, so you know which site or client is using which resources
  • Deep visibility into performance issues, bottle necks, VM degradation, and more—all helping to speed issue resolution
  • Enhanced storage capacity planning and right-sizing via a deeper understanding of your current situation and user consumption habits
  • Integrated auditing functionality to help you keep track of all physical and virtual assets
  • More accurate billing via showback and chargeback functionality

Meet Your NetApp Account Team

Kari Dadgar
Global Enterprise Manager
Colin Vandergaw
System Engineer, West
Neil King
Technical Account Manager
Dan St. Germain
Account Manager, Canada
Dave Mason
Executive Advisor
Jason Kelly
Systems Engineer, Canada
Matt Robinson
Technical Advisor
Howard Cribbs
Ed Smith
Account Manager, East
Kim Wallace
Mark Harrison
Systems Engineer, East
Sandy Linn
OnCommand Insight Account Manager
Jeffery Stramaglia
Account Manager, West
Susan Scallon
Engagement Manager
Bruno Schwabik
Account Manager, Celesio
Jeremy Sifford
Thilo Keller
Systems Engineer, Celesio
John Halladay
Support Account Manager