Accelerate Genomic Big Data Analysis on AWS Cloud

Get the speed you need and save. Watch a short video and IDG webcast.

Discover how to get high performance cloud file services that enable complex workloads to run fast. Watch a short video and a deep dive webcast to see how you can achieve fast Big Data analytics - on a global scale. Learn how to:

  • Process more sequences faster, scale for growing genomic workloads
  • Accelerate time to uncover insights
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and simplify analysis

Plus, learn about industry trends on data analytics and how to qualify for an AWS credit for Cloud Volumes Service for AWS – now generally available on AWS Marketplace.*

*Limited time offer: See whether you qualify for an AWS credit after speaking with a NetApp Cloud Sales Specialist.
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Watch video and IDG webcast. Learn about savings.

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How Genomic Big Data Enhances Health and Wellness. Watch the Wuxi NextCODE customer story video.

Engineering Genomic Big Data Analytics at a Global Scale. Watch the webcast.

A NetApp cloud specialist will be calling you to help determine how you may qualify for an AWS Credit on the purchase of Cloud Volumes Service.

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