IDC's Worldwide Data Services for Hybrid Cloud Vendors — Key Players Portfolio Analysis


Over the past decade, there has been a shift with IT and line of business (LOB) in implementing cloud services. Instead of focusing on acquiring technology to run inside of the company’s data center by internal IT, decision makers are increasingly looking for the best technology run by specialists. This cloud-first strategy, reinforces the need to extend the value of mission-critical applications through cloud enabled products and services. As organizations undertake a digital transformation, they must complete the shift from a predominantly cloud-based IT environment in the next few years and ensure software is agnostic to the cloud -platform and can run across locations and infrastructure.

In April 2018, IDC's Enterprise, Datacenter, Cloud Infrastructure, Security, and Data Management Software research practices conducted a survey of North America (United States and Canada) and EMEA (United Kingdom, Germany, and France) end users to understand current and planned use over the next two years of "data services for hybrid cloud" in their organizations. The primary goal of the survey was to uncover how organizations use and manage data in the hybrid/multicloud setup in the digital transformation era, associated challenges and needs, the importance of data to the business, and the different roles and responsibilities associated within DX initiatives.

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