Disney, Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Disney, Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

In the last two years, our dedication to innovation and solving customer challenges has made a big impact. One that we think could help simplify and accelerate business at Disney.

Our innovative Data Fabric approach provides the flexibility to move data wherever it needs to go: from private cloud to the public cloud and back again.

The ability to manage physical, virtual, and cloud environments as one means your business can become more responsive, more flexible, and more agile.

NetApp All-Flash FAS enables you to accelerate your business, simplify your operations, and future-proof your storage infrastructure.

NetApp OnCommand Insight provides a streamlined way to better understand your data center infrastructure across the entire hybrid cloud, including multivendor environments.

Plus, our NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale Object Storage can help you easily install, manage, and scale a global software-defined, object-based storage platform.

Explore this page to learn more about how we can help you and your team.

Then let’s set up a time to discuss your latest data management challenges soon.

Manage Cloud and On-Premises Environments as One

As the foundation for Data Fabric, NetApp ONTAP 9 empowers you to build a hybrid cloud that seamlessly spans flash, disk, and cloud.

Using it, you can manage your data from a single interface—while ensuring you have the data mobility needed to capture opportunities and make the best possible decisions for your organization.

This solution can help you become faster, more agile, and more responsive to changing business needs:

  • Easily move your data where it's needed across flash, disk, and cloud resources.
  • Deploy new solutions in less than 10 minutes with fast provisioning templates.
  • Increase application performance with 20x faster response times.
  • Deploy both SAN and NAS workloads on a unified storage architecture.
  • Support massive NAS containers with FlexGroup, scaling up to 20PB and 400 billion files, with high performance and resiliency.
  • Protect and rapidly restore data with integrated back-up and disaster recovery.

Your Data at Scale

Store and manage unstructured data at scale using NetApp StorageGRID Webscale Object Storage for secure, durable object storage. Take control of rich content and transform your business.

Build massively scalable, globally distributed object stores that support industry-standard object APIs such as Amazon S3 and Swift.

Enable policy-driven data management with a software-defined, object-based storage platform that optimizes durability, protection, performance, and physical placement.

  • Handle increased demand for your rich content data with ease.
  • Automate data management on a worldwide scale.
  • Quickly adjust capacity, performance, and cost for data repositories.
  • Protect your data with a self-healing infrastructure.
  • Deploy on virtual machines and engineered appliances as you choose.

Streamline Your All-Flash Migration

We are thrilled to be your partner as you undertake the important conversion to all-flash data centers.

In a change like this, experience is critical, and we have it. According to the 2016 Worldwide All-Flash Array Market survey:

  • NetApp is number two in the market.
  • NetApp grew 2.7 times faster than the growth of the market.

Our goal? Help you cut your storage capacity requirements by at least 4:1 and help you save valuable data center real estate. We can’t wait to get started.

Our all-flash storage solutions have other benefits for you, too:

  • Consume 11x less power.
  • Use 11x less rack space.
  • Increase performance by at least 3x.
  • Decrease support costs by up to 67%.
  • Enable you to set up and serve data within 10 minutes.

Simplify Your Multivendor IT Management

We would like to introduce you to NetApp® OnCommand® Insight: data management software that makes it easy to understand your performance across all of your data centers and types of infrastructure. OnCommand Insight also lets you identify the root cause of issues and better understand usage and resource consumption.

This software offers a number of features that can make your life easier:

  • The ability to tie virtual machines back to their tenant so that you know which site or client is using which resources
  • Deep visibility into performance issues, bottlenecks, VM degradation, and more—all speeding issue resolution
  • Enhanced storage capacity planning and right-sizing through a deeper understanding of your current situation and user consumption habits
  • Integrated auditing functionality to help you keep track of all physical and virtual assets
  • More accurate billing through showback and chargeback functionality

Meet Your NetApp Account Team

Vance Schmitz
Senior Account Manager