Accelerate Your Lift and Shift Migration to Google Cloud

Move to the Cloud 10X Faster

Configuring enterprise applications to run on the cloud often requires expensive and time-consuming redesign. Not so with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud. Our eBook shows you how shared file services eliminate the need to rearchitect your applications, getting you to Google Cloud 10x faster. We also explain how this fully managed file service can help you:

  • Migrate seamlessly to the cloud
  • Simplify operations using a no-ops solution
  • Maximize availability and eliminate data loss

We’ll teach you how you can achieve a recovery point objective (RPO) of 0, and an RTO of fewer than 60 seconds. To back up our recommendations, we’ve included to two case studies: A global health company migrating enterprise apps to Google Cloud, and a workflow management provider migrating enterprise SaaS applications to the cloud.

Building the Business Case

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