Cardinal Health, Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

At NetApp, we’re ready to help Cardinal Health manage, control and protect your massive amounts of data as you continue to embrace virtualization and cloud computing.

With pharmaceutical and medical product distribution across 100,000 locations, including hospitals, health systems, laboratories, and physician offices worldwide, we know that tracking and maintaining control of your data in the cloud is critical.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that can enable and optimize a cloud-first IT approach for Cardinal Health. As you continue to leverage public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, we can help improve their availability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Our latest innovations and solutions provide the tools you need to help ensure quality patient care while simultaneously simplifying data management and increasing efficiency. Explore this site to learn more about how we can help Cardinal Health.

Move to the Cloud Securely, Efficiently, and Cost-Effectively

We can help enable complete, unified control of data residing in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Building your cloud storage environment on our NetApp ONTAP Cloud solution provides enterprise-class data management features for your cloud storage—enabling you to more easily control your data in AWS, reduce downtime, lower costs, and more.

  • Non-disruptive, two node high-availability (HA) support keeps you operating against unplanned storage failures in the cloud
  • Provision both NAS and SAN storage with NFS, CIFS and iSCSI support
  • Minimize your storage footprint with efficiency features such as data deduplication, thin provisioning and data compression
  • Zero-impact NetApp Snapshot™ copies with near-instantaneous point-in-time backups of your data without taking additional storage resources
  • Get advanced data management features with the OnCommand management suite of tools: from in-depth monitoring and tracking of storage with OnCommand Insight to detailed storage instance control with OnCommand System Manager
  • Replicate data across availability zones to ensure application availability

Synchronize Your Data Securely, Quickly, and Automatically

We can provide Cardinal Health with a simple, automated way to get data into Amazon Web Services (AWS), run your desired cloud service, and get the data back to where you need it, whether on premises or in the cloud.

It’s called NetApp Data Fabric Cloud Sync Service, and it provides you with a continuous sync capability that initially synchronizes your full dataset and then only incremental changes to the dataset based on your schedule—which minimizes the time it takes to get data to AWS.

  • Enable continuous, automated data synchronization to AWS using a quick and easy-to-use interface
  • Use via the AWS marketplace as an on-demand service—with extremely fast data movement compared to other synchronization solutions
  • Ensure safe and secure data storage/transport via built-in data integrity validation
  • Optimize cost-effectiveness with simple, on-demand consumption and enterprise storage features for on-premises and cloud datasets
  • Continue to use your primary dataset while also running analytics, thanks to active-active operation
  • Leverage on-demand data availability for rapid analysis with seamless integration to your existing infrastructure

In the Cloud, And In Total Control

Instead of searching for one cloud to meet all your needs, we can enable you to choose the right clouds for each unique business need or objective.

With NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud, you can keep your data on NetApp storage in close proximity to the cloud. Which means you get the freedom to connect to the clouds you want while maintaining complete control of your data on your own dedicated, private NetApp storage systems.

With the NPS for Cloud approach, your NetApp storage is located in Equinix data centers, next to major networks and in close proximity to many major cloud providers. This provides your organization with secure, dedicated, high-speed connections to all those clouds.

  • Enable accelerated performance with dedicated connections in the Equinix data center that outperform and bypass the Internet
  • Ensure security, sovereignty, and compliance requirements are met with advanced protection and encryption features
  • Choose from an expanding global network of cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and SoftLayer
  • Use access to multiple clouds to better match your clouds and workloads—and choose the right mix of clouds for each objective
  • Eliminate lock-in and costly data migrations—turn off connectivity to one cloud and spin up connectivity to another in minutes without having to move your data

Optimize Visibility for Your On-Premises and Cloud Environments

As enterprise organizations seek to embrace hybrid cloud, their most valuable ally is often information—so they can make smarter decisions, avoid risk, and minimize costs.

NetApp® OnCommand® Insight management software can help Cardinal Health enable consistent insight across your on-premises and cloud environments so you can better monitor and manage storage, compute, and switching infrastructures.

Using this solution, you can optimize your current infrastructure and right-size operations to meet business demands. It simplifies the process of determining what and when to buy while taking the risk out of complex technology migrations, such as moving to a hybrid cloud, by identifying which workloads are candidates for cloud migration.

  • Discover and monitors resources and fully understand their relationships and dependencies
  • Prevent issues and downtime with proactive alerting and fast troubleshooting via advanced analytics
  • Optimize resources with accurate workload placements and ensure optimal cost alignment with service levels and showback
  • Get a centralized view into historical trends and forecast performance and capacity requirements
  • Enables business processes and workflows such as billing, cost, change management, and automation

Transform Your Storage with a Software-Defined Approach

For data and workloads that aren’t well-suited for the cloud—such as sensitive data that can’t be kept off site, or mission-critical applications—a software-defined storage approach can still provide cloudlike agility and scalability, as well as the reliably and flexibility of on-premises environments.

NetApp ONTAP Select can enable this approach for Cardinal Health with robust enterprise storage services that can be deployed on your choice of commodity hardware, from the comfort of your own data center.

ONTAP Select converts a server’s internal disk drives, SSD or HDD, as well as HCI and external array storage into an agile, flexible storage platform with many of the same benefits that dedicated storage systems that are based on NetApp ONTAP offer.

You can deploy ONTAP Select on new servers or on your existing server infrastructure for added flexibility.

  • Spin up storage resources with cloudlike agility, from procurement to deployment in a day
  • Quickly add capacity dynamically in as little as 1TB increments
  • Easily move and replicate data nondisruptively across the hybrid cloud
  • Use software-defined storage built on ONTAP, the industry-leading data management platform
  • Gain enterprise-class data reduction and data protection for NAS and SAN workloads
  • Dynamically scale and balance workloads nondisruptively

Leverage High-Performance, Easy-to-Scale Storage Systems

Today’s enterprise organizations require storage systems that consistently deliver rapid application performance—alongside the management features that help staff save time and scale cost-effectively.

NetApp is proud to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of all-flash, hybrid-flash, and object storage systems. Our storage solutions are built for the needs of organizations like Cardinal Health—with optimized, reliable performance, simplified scalability, enhanced management, and more.

Our storage hardware offering includes solutions such as:

  • NetApp All-Flash FAS, which can help reduce power use by 11x, lower support costs by 67 percent, and reduce SSD storage by up to 10x with inline data reduction technologies
  • NetApp FAS Hybrid Flash Arrays, which provide rich data management and simplified connection to the cloud—as well as dramatically enhanced performance
  • NetApp EF-Series Flash Storage Arrays, which provide lightning-fast response time for critical applications and features to maximize availability and efficiency
  • NetApp HCI, which provides guaranteed performance across your entire data center, simplifies management, and independently scales compute and storage resources

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