How Börse Stuttgart uses a progressive data approach to power exciting new options in digital trading



Unlocking new value with data:

  • Accelerate investment innovations
  • Minimize trading complexities
  • Keep pace with digital market opportunities

The world of investing has entered a new era of opportunity. It's fueled by rapid-fire buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets across entirely new virtual markets. And one company's visionary approach to data is empowering investors to seize it.

German stock exchange Börse Stuttgart is creating progressive new digital trading options that simplify and speed access to these exciting new markets for private investors. A flexible data management environment allows them to harness and direct data in new ways to keep pace with evolving markets and investment opportunities.

"Innovation is our tradition," explains Data Visionary and Börse Stuttgart CIO Peter Litschel. "In this age of digitization, we rely on the most modern technologies—and the power of data—to offer groundbreaking trading options to our investors."

Most recently, Börse Stuttgart launched a new mobile investment application, BISON, to simplify digital trading for its clients. With BISON, private investors don't have to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market. They just transfer money into their BISON account and then they're ready to start trading in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

"With BISON, we make cryptocurrencies as simple as possible and break down entry barriers for many investors," explains Dr. Ulli Spankowski, Managing Director, Börse Stuttgart.

To support and enable all these capabilities, Börse Stuttgart relies on NetApp.

"NetApp and their intelligent data management technology are foundational to what we call our business ecosystems," Litschel explains. "In this optimized DevOps environment, we're not limited to a rigid infrastructure. Instead, we can define our own IT landscape and excel at the fast pace of the digital market."

This dynamic data management environment supports the fast pace and short reaction times of cryptocurrency trading on the BISON app. It also provides the flexibility needed for Börse Stuttgart to expertly process the thousands of other diverse investments that flow through its exchange every day.

"With NetApp, we have a sustainable IT infrastructure that enables us to handle the massive data throughput on our stock exchange efficiently, stably, and extremely quickly," explains Samir Gartner, Director, Systems Technology, Börse Stuttgart.

He adds, "We don't have to constantly look back and check what our systems can withstand, but [instead] focus on innovations for the future."

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For more than 150 years, Börse Stuttgart has been at the forefront of investment innovation as Germany's premiere private investor stock exchange. The exchange allows investors to trade equities, securitized derivatives, debt instruments (bonds), exchange-traded fund products (ETFs), investment fund and participation certificates while benefiting from top-quality execution at the best prices.

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