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NetApp solutions help Dow Jones deliver data-driven insights



Data Visionaries at Dow Jones use data to:

  • Make bold bets on reshaping news delivery
  • Produce financial insights that power business
  • Help people get the news they depend on

Cup of coffee in hand, you might open your front door and reach for your copy of The Wall Street Journal. Or you may sit down with that cup of joe and a tablet or smartphone to read, watch, and listen to your daily dose of reporting from Dow Jones products like the Journal, MarketWatch, Barron's or Financial News.

Being a leader in an industry that has seen a great deal of change, Wall Street Journal publisher and news and information company Dow Jones understands the value of data—collecting it, managing it and applying its valuable insights—as a true competitive differentiator.

"We tend to label ourselves a media organization, but actually what we do on a day-to-day basis centers on creating data that our customers really want access to," said Data Visionary and Dow Jones Group Chief Product and Technology Officer Ramin Beheshti.

Dow Jones is a gateway to intelligence, with fast-changing technology, customizable data feeds, delivery systems and integrated solutions. Combine all of that with human-powered research, award-winning journalism and expert financial insights and you have a formula for bringing the information that matters most to customers every day, whenever and wherever they need it.

According to Beheshti, "Dow Jones has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the culture here is about being bold and making bold bets."

The intersection of data technology and media information

Determining how and when customers want to access data is the game-changing opportunity that drives Dow Jones product innovation and development. The key to success has been staying one step ahead of their readers' ever-shifting (and often unpredictable) demand.

Perhaps it's not surprising that a company founded in 1882 by three reporters takes this responsibility very seriously. For Dow Jones, data acts as the backbone and foundation for everything it does, which is why they have taken NetApp along on its data-driven journey over the past 15 years.

During that time, technological changes have forced every media company in the world to evolve their approach to technology, but for Dow Jones it's not just about adapting; it's about maintaining their lead and delivering the news their customers need, in the format they demand.

Maintaining tech-centric flexibility in a sea of choices

"Over the course of our partnership, there has been an explosion of consumer options and a proliferation of technology," Beheshti said. "NetApp not only brings innovative technology but because they are agnostic in a sea of very specific preferences, they help a CTO or CIO remain flexible in deciding which technology to use."

That flexibility has been critical during Dow Jones' acceleration to the cloud. With its enormous volumes of data, Dow's infrastructure has to support leading-edge cybersecurity, speed, reliability, and access.

"NetApp allows us to experiment with different technologies because we can easily and securely move our data back and forth. That kind of flexibility is a game changer when you are looking to build and move really, really quickly in an environment that's changing just as quickly." Beheshti said.

The goal of the technology, Beheshti said, is not about establishing bragging rights—who has the fastest or biggest system—but it's about determining how that technology will better enable and empower their customers to make more informed decisions.

"We spend less time worrying about how data is stored or where it's stored and much more time focused on building the right customer experiences."

Learn how NetApp helps Dow Jones.

Since 1882, Dow Jones has been finding new ways to bring information to the world's top business entities. Today, Dow Jones' advanced data capabilities, award-winning journalism and innovative technology deliver news, tools and financial insight to move markets, inform critical decisions and power top companies and careers.

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