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NetApp respects your need to get the right information to make informed business decisions with your most valuable assets – your data.

Earning trust through transparency

"Trust is the foundation of our relationships with our customers, partners, shareholders, regulators, and employees, and transparency about our products, services, and processes is the cement in that foundation. NetApp is committed to transparent information sharing in solidifying these relationships."

-Matt Fawcett, General Counsel

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Code of Conduct

We believe in living our values in all that we do. NetApp’s code of conduct defines those values and how we implement them through our actions.

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Legal Requests

Global cloud infrastructure means addressing global requests for data. Learn how NetApp addresses third party requests for data, whether through law enforcement or private legal action.

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Service Health

Transparency includes transparency in our global operations, which is particularly important when relying on cloud services for your business.

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Slavery and Human Trafficking

NetApp is committed to complying with global laws on the prevention of slavery and human trafficking across our supply chain.

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NetApp strives to make our products accessible and to empower our customers and partners to do the same.

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Environmental Social Governance

Trust is more than engineering compliance. NetApp puts its values in action through our ESG programs in sustainability, diversity, philanthropy, human rights, and data privacy and security.

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Conflict Minerals

NetApp complies with and has policies and practices in place to ensure our supply chain complies with global laws regarding conflict minerals.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

NetApp expects our supply chain to adhere to our values and implement responsible policies to ensure safe, ethical, and respectful work environments.