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Whether your top priority is confidentiality, availability, or integrity of your data, NetApp empowers our customers to move forward with confidence.

Security is the foundation on which trust is built

“NetApp is committed to creating a secure and agile platform designed to empower customers to confidently thrive.”

– Bill Miller, SVP and Chief Information Officer

Understanding Distributed Responsibility in Multi-Cloud Environment Image

Sharing Responsibility in a Data-Driven World

Shared responsibility is a common term used in discussing security in cloud applications and environments. Learn more about how responsibilities are shared and distributed in a multi-cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure.

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Secure Data Processing Under GDPR

GDPR includes security as well as privacy requirements. NetApp maintains a secure development lifecycle for our products and services designed to meet the stringent requirements of GDPR and other global privacy and security laws.

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Ransomware Mitigation

The threat of ransomware is on the front of every CIO’s mind. Learn how NetApp SnapCenter backup management can mitigate recovery efforts and reduce recovery time.

Understanding Vulnerabilities and Patch Management with NetApp Products and Services Image

Vulnerabilities and Patch Management with NetApp

NetApp security researchers work diligently to protect our products and services. When vulnerabilities are detected, quiet remediation and availability of patches are key to securing data. Learn what we do and what you can do to protect your data through patch management.

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NetApp products and services offer a variety of means and methods by which data is protected via encryption.

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Data Deletion and Disposal

The mere existence of data in an environment can increase a risk profile. Learn about how NetApp deletes data and disposes of media on which customer data is stored.