Like many CIOs, Jorge Pazos, the CIO of the City of Melrose, MA, grapples with financial pressures and a demanding customer base. To achieve the growth and sustainability necessary for a promising future, Pazos has leveraged existing IT investments and found new ways to generate revenue. He was inspired to create a regional IT center that could deliver value-added services to several towns and cities surrounding Melrose by sharing resources. The new model decreases costs and accelerates innovation, while enabling reinvestment of unused funds in programs for the citizens of Massachusetts.

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  • Operational inefficiencies were impacting business agility and wasting resources.
  • Surrounding municipalities couldn’t afford to deliver on the demands of their constituents.
  • Current IT model was not sustainable.
  • Data, compliance and operational demands were not manageable.
  • Deploying business applications and systems was a slow, expensive and manual process.
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Pazos realized that functional components in neighboring IT organizations could be pooled to meet the needs of multiple entities via centralized service delivery. At first, neighboring towns were reluctant to relinquish control of IT assets and move to a service delivery model. But once they understood the key benefits of sharing resources—time savings and cost reduction—they were willing to move forward with Pazos’s plan.

Designing and extending a shared-resources model across the state required the consolidation of technology departments between the city and schools, and creating a dedicated network that connected all buildings to a central hub. Built using Cisco networking, NetApp storage and VMware virtualization solutions, the new platform addresses service-delivery requirements today and will easily adapt to evolving business needs over time.

With a Flexible IT platform in place, the City of Melrose now acts as a managed service provider, delivering IT infrastructure and application services to nearby towns.

Regionalized Private Cloud, currently connecting 18 sites and extending services to hundreds of municipalities.

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  • Enabled new revenue streams to feed government investments.
  • Reduced infrastructure and energy costs.
  • Ability to grow the service model quickly to support more constituents.

“Through the regionalization of IT services, we are reinventing the way local government does business in the state of Massachusetts…We chose Cisco, NetApp, and VMware as the best-in-class shared platform for our cloud, and already we have realized magnificent growth and a 40% savings in costs.”
-- Jorge Pazos, Chief Information Officer for City of Melrose

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