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Business Operations Run Faster and Scale Further on New NetApp Midrange Storage Platforms

New Cluster- and Flash-Enabled FAS3220 and FAS3250 Set Performance, Efficiency, and Scalability Foundation for a Dynamic, Always-On Agile Data Infrastructure

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 5, 2012 — Balancing the data infrastructure realities of today with the growth promise of tomorrow, NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today updated its FAS midrange storage systems with the introduction of the FAS3220 and FAS3250. The new systems deliver a superior mix of industry-leading performance, capacity scaling, and value to create an infrastructure foundation that accelerates business growth.

Designed for stringent SAN and NAS environments, the new FAS storage systems help enterprises and midsized businesses that are consolidating operations onto a shared storage platform improve performance by up to 80% and increase storage capacity up to 100% over existing midrange products. Native support for high-speed, low-latency Flash and industry-leading nondisruptive operations provides organizations with the necessary foundation for an intelligent, immortal, and infinitely scalable agile data infrastructure.

“Most enterprises, despite uncertain economic conditions, continue to aggressively invest in technology leaders that can drive agility cost savings into their IT infrastructure,” said Brendon Howe, vice president, Product and Solutions Marketing, NetApp. “Our new unified midrange products are optimized for both mission-critical SAN and NAS environments, leverage technologies such as Flash and clustered Data ONTAP® to address today’s performance and capacity needs and nonstop operations, and are architected to scale for future needs.”

With NetApp® SAN solutions, organizations can double storage utilization, cut storage spending in half, and boost productivity across the entire business, while enjoying high performance and availability. NetApp’s award-winning FC SAN solutions show industry-leading performance for clustered storage. Customers using NetApp SAN technology experience storage efficiency through thin provisioning and data deduplication of up to 50% or greater.

Powerful and Affordable Midrange Systems Deliver Enterprise Scalability and Efficiency

The FAS3200 series is a flexible platform that can be tailored for virtualized, private cloud or traditional environments, requiring only a few terabytes of storage to over 2PB in a single system. When clustered, a FAS infrastructure can scale performance and capacity across 24 storage nodes. This architecture provides significant performance and capacity scale while delivering nondisruptive operations by enabling transparent upgrades, system replacements, and performance balancing.

Clustered Data ONTAP enhances industry-leading NetApp Data ONTAP storage operating system features by enabling high-availability storage platforms, such as FAS3220 and FAS3250, to operate as a shared pool of resources. This capability offers massive scalability and performance, simplified management, and the ability to transparently migrate application data. Data ONTAP is the number one storage operating system and—in a single, feature-rich data management platform—offers data protection, massive scalability, thin provisioning, deduplication, thin clones, Snapshot™ copies, backup, and disaster recovery.

To ease expansion and allow system customization, the new systems include up to three times the number of PCIe expansion slots, which can be used to support network cards, Flash Cache cards, and additional storage connectivity.

As with all FAS systems, the FAS3220 and FAS3250 enable companies to reduce disk purchases by 50% through a superior set of storage efficiency features that apply to both primary and secondary storage.

Optimized System Performance with Flash-Enabled Platforms

Both the FAS3220 and FAS3250 systems are designed to boost application responsiveness and performance by leveraging NetApp's powerful Flash technologies, all of which are designed to provide fully automated, virtual storage tiering. NetApp Flash Cache, which is a controller-based PCIe card, speeds data access through intelligent caching of recently read user data and metadata in the storage controller. No setup or ongoing administration is needed, and by adding NetApp Flash Cache intelligent caching, IT administrators can optimize storage system performance, improve storage efficiency, and reduce costs with an increase in I/O throughput of up to 75% and use fewer disk drives without compromising performance.

NetApp Flash Pool is a software feature within Data ONTAP that enables automated storage tiering across combinations of solid state disks (SSDs) and traditional hard disk (HDD) based on traffic patterns, providing better performance under load without requiring users to migrate data in demand. The Flash Accel™ software product leverages Flash technology on the server to deliver I/O throughput gains of up to 80% and average response time improvements of up to 90%. With support for “hot” data access at the server, as well as Flash-based storage caching with Flash Cache and Flash Pool, organizations can meet service levels and gain storage efficiencies in excess of 60% by enabling the right storage media to be used at the right time for the right data.

IT infrastructure, through speed, capacity, and reliability, is turned into a competitive advantage. Combined with NetApp virtual storage tiering, Flash also improves storage efficiency by enabling reductions in power, cooling, and data center space requirements.

A Building Block for Partners to Meet More Customer Requirements and Drive Long-Term Sales

The FAS3200 platform is designed for environments spanning traditional to cloud and enables partners to meet their customer-specific needs and foster long-term business sales. These systems address the needs of enterprises and midsize businesses alike with the agility to respond to customer needs dynamically and without interruption. The FAS3220 and FAS3250 provide the predictability, connectivity, and scalability to meet the many needs of the customer and manage growth with an intelligent, simple, predictable, and scalable platform.

To help customers maximize the technology advantages of the new platforms and generate higher ROI by managing cash flow and utilizing limited budgets more efficiently, NetApp is offering 0% financing for customers who are trading-up to the newly released FAS3200 systems. Promotional financing is made available to customers in countries and regions where NetApp Capital Solutions is available. Offer valid until 04/19/2013. To learn more about NetApp Capital Solutions or this offer, contact your local NetApp Sales Representative or a NetApp Authorized Partner for additional information.

Both the FAS3220 and FAS3250 are available and orderable today. Both systems will be available through NetApp’s worldwide network of value-added authorized resellers, distributors, and systems integrators.

Key Specifications





Memory per array



Maximum number of drives



Maximum amount of Flash



PCIe expansion slots



Customer Quotes:

  • Bob Hunt, Manager, Enterprise Systems Management, American Greetings
    “As we expand our operations globally and online, one of our challenges is creating an infrastructure that can scale continuously to meet our ever-changing needs. NetApp’s unique approach to storage clustering, coupled with the implementation guidance from Datalink, has enabled our IT organization to deliver immediate business value to the company as it grows, including the elimination of planned downtime and the delivery of essential IT services 24/7. Now, as our business continues to grow its presence online, our capacity requirements continue to grow and we look forward to further collaboration with NetApp and Datalink to ensure that our infrastructure scales seamlessly."
  • Greg Flanik, Chief Information Officer, Baldwin-Wallace University
    “With year-round courses, over 4,000 students and 3,000 computer connections, our IT infrastructure at Baldwin-Wallace University is always looking for ways to get leaner, more efficient with no disruption. The NetApp storage solution built on FAS provided better system performance and storage efficiency which had a positive impact on our end users: students, administrators, and professors. The FAS3200 enabled us to streamline system administration, build a strong foundation for growth, and scale to our end user needs.”
  • Darrell Williams, Director of Information Technology, Katz, Sapper & Miller
    “With our business growth, our company’s data footprint and IT requirements have escalated to where we need a strong storage foundation to support our business needs and performance. NetApp FAS3200 systems serve as the foundation of our IT infrastructure, and upon these systems we deliver and backup our critical client information. The FAS3200 product line helps us quickly deploy new applications while providing a higher performance and reliable platform. This gave a new definition to an agile data infrastructure.”
  • Omer Mushahwar, Senior Associate, Torti Gallas and Partners
    “Torti Gallas is a global architecture firm focused on expanding our worldwide activities with nearly 100 staff across five offices. With a limited size IT staff, we need a technology infrastructure that supports our global business and addresses data growth, server sprawl and storage inefficiencies. NetApp storage – with the FAS3200 as the building block – is helping us decrease our storage requirements, increase space savings, and focus on our business of designing innovative residential, commercial, and institutional buildings and public spaces.”

Analyst Quote:

  • Brian Babineau, Vice President, Research and Analyst Services, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
    “The growth and management of data continue to present a challenge for IT. Midsized businesses and enterprises are looking for the building blocks that will create a flexible infrastructure that can scale, perform, and deliver results to meet that challenge. Today’s announcement introduces a new level of performance-driven systems that help organizations create a strong technology platform to grow as needed.”

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Supporting Quotes Sheet

NetApp Alliance Technology Partners

  • Satinder Sethi, Vice President, Data Center Solutions Engineering and UCS Product Management, Cisco
    “Our jointly-developed data center infrastructure solutions like FlexPod provide cost-effective scalable, flexible, and manageable technologies that reduce IT complexity and increase operational efficiency. Customers will benefit significantly from the performance gains in today's announcement of the NetApp midrange platforms. Together with our computing and networking technologies, these new products will accelerate the transition we see many companies making towards an agile data infrastructure."
  • Ian Carlson, Director, Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft Corporation
    "Windows Server 2012 aligns with Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision and introduces groundbreaking new capabilities in areas such as low-cost storage, virtualization, and management for the cloud era. NetApp’s new products such as FAS3220 and FAS3250 can build on Microsoft’s Cloud OS to help customers respond to changing business needs.”
  • Gus Robertson, Vice President, Global Business Development, Red Hat
    “Red Hat and NetApp are committed to delivering IT departments excellent platform choices for solutions of all sizes. Today’s announcement is great news for enterprises as they migrate mission-critical applications away from expensive, proprietary UNIX/RISC platforms to modern, open architectures. The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the industry’s leading open source virtualization platform, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and the new NetApp midrange systems delivers leading performance and scalability with compelling economics.”
  • Gary Greene, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware
    “VMware and NetApp share a vision to deliver business results that enable our customers to be more responsive to new opportunities, and we continue to work with our joint channel partners to deliver solutions that are simple, flexible and agile. The software-defined datacenter, delivered by the VMware vCloud® Suite, enables an always-on environment for business-critical applications. NetApp clustered storage, combined with the VMware vCloud Suite creates a robust solution that can deliver always-on performance, efficiency, and scalability.”

NetApp Distributors and Resellers

  • Mark Teter, CTO, Advanced Systems Group
    “Our customers desperately need proven solutions that give them higher storage efficiencies and business agility within their IT infrastructure. The FAS3200 is exactly what they had in mind. The new product line helps us solve our customers’ problems with being able to quickly deploy new applications while providing a higher performance and reliable storage platform. The new FAS3200 capabilities allow us to serve more customers with an enterprise class solution to address not only their current requirements, but their future demands from their business organization.”
  • Paul Sweeney, Managing Director, ANS Group
    “NetApp solutions have always helped our customers leverage advanced IT solutions to achieve breakthrough gains in business performance. Our customers demand proven solutions that support their aggressive growth goals, yield efficiencies in their IT organization, and increase business agility. The FAS3200 fits perfectly into our ‘i3in the Cloud’ offering and has proven highly successful in enabling us to grow our business and help our customers deploy new IT resources. It’s incredibly positive and beneficial to both ANS and our customers to see our partners like NetApp being proactive and constantly keeping ahead of leading edge technologies.”
  • Youngoh Lee, President, Arira
    “Together with NetApp, we share a vision for delivering agility in IT to our customers, allowing them to be more responsive to change. The new NetApp FAS3200 systems will help our customers find the balance of price/performance and features that best fit future needs and deliver the high availability needed to accelerate business. An agile data infrastructure enables us to present an advanced infrastructure foundation to our customers and prospects to drive more agility and efficiency into their organizations to meet the needs of data driven business today.”
  • Brian Mitchell, NetApp Technical Consultant, Avnet
    "Our partners demand proven solutions that accelerate growth, respond to unpredictable changes, and improve competitive advantage. The new FAS3200 provides simplicity and flexibility, while also delivering a clustered storage foundation that scales seamlessly from 2 to 24 nodes."
  • Larry Gentry, President, Custom Storage
    "Custom Storage helps our customers leverage advanced IT solutions to achieve breakthrough gains in business performance. Our customers demand proven solutions that support their aggressive growth goals, yield efficiencies in their IT organization and increase business agility. The FAS3200 has proven highly successful in enabling us to grow our business and help our customers deploy new IT resources and accelerate mission critical deployments. The new FAS3200 capabilities will allow us to capitalize on more opportunities and help our customers meet current and future requirements.”
  • Suzanne Gallagher, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Datalink
    “Datalink helps transform data centers to be in lockstep with business strategies and day-to-day demands. Clients value our deep expertise and ability to design, deploy, and support unified infrastructures featuring innovations from industry leaders, like NetApp. Our mid- and large-sized clients gain fast, agile, and scalable infrastructures that optimize day-to-day operations and advance their business.”
  • John Reckner, National Practice Manager, ePlus Technology
    “As a NetApp Star Partner and FlexPod Premium Partner, ePlus has demonstrated experience enabling customers to lower cost and complexity, improve storage utilization, and quickly respond to changes in their business environment. We look forward to continuing to help customers boost IT efficiency and flexibility by leveraging innovative storage and data management solutions from NetApp, including the FAS3200 platforms.”
  • Rob Cotter, CTO, Insight Integrated Systems
    “Insight Integrated Systems delivers reliable and efficient cloud computing infrastructure on which our customers can build reliable service offerings such as IaaS and PaaS. Our customers demand proven, dynamically scalable and highly available solutions that enable them to deliver more value to the business. The new FAS3200 capabilities allow us to address more opportunities and help our customers meet the increasing demands generated by their end-users.”
  • John Woodall, VP Engineering, Integrated Archive Systems
    “NetApp has delivered another winning product with the FA3200 offerings. Speed, ease of deployment, and agility in the data center are imperatives for customers building cloud architectures. The NetApp FAS3200 series platform has proven to be a very successful and strategic product that has enabled our customers to consolidate workloads and scale as their business needs accelerate. Together with improved performance, better scalability, and added improvements in flash technology, the FAS3200 builds on a great foundation that extends NetApp’s value further into our customers’ data centers.”
  • Jason Gress, President, InterVision Systems Technologies, Inc.
    “InterVision Systems’ primary focus is helping our customers leverage advanced IT solutions to achieve business needs through technology. Our customers demand proven solutions that support their aggressive growth goals, yield efficiencies in their IT organization and increase business agility. The FAS3200 has proven highly successful, enabling us to grow our business and help our customers deploy new IT resources and accelerate mission critical deployments. The new FAS3200 capabilities allow us to capitalize on more opportunities and help our customers meet current and future requirements.”
  • Kent MacDonald, Vice President of Business Development, Long View
    “Growing businesses are always looking for an edge and this new midrange storage solution from NetApp, the FAS3200 series, is pretty sharp and sophisticated. These improved systems can help Long View’s customers optimize their IT environments, make the best use of their resources, and handle the rapidly changing needs of their business.”
  • John Pfaff, President, Trace3
    “Trace3 is a committed NetApp partner and we are proud to be recognized as one of only three NetApp Star Elite partners in the entire US. Our teams continue to collaborate to architect and deliver solutions that meet the highest requirements of our mutual customers. From sales to engineering, we embrace the innovation and value NetApp delivers with the FAS3200 series and look forward to continued success together.”