NetApp Thought Leadership

    NetApp founders and technical leaders have a history of exploring the burdens of managing enterprise data and proposing models for evolving data storage solutions.

    To plan a storage environment that deals effectively with requirements for access, security, regulatory compliance, cost control, and change, IT architects must assume multiple roles. They need to be lawyers, security guards, financial controllers, diplomats, technologists, and fortune tellers. To mitigate this unreasonable expectation, CIOs are turning to their storage vendors for help.

    At NetApp, innovation is born of imagination and molded by pragmatism. As a leading innovator in networked storage systems, storage and data management, and scale-out technologies, NetApp is dedicated to simplifying the complex world of enterprise data management to help IT organizations reduce cost and complexity, lower risk while increasing control, and adapt quickly in response to change.

    Our Advanced Technology Group (ATG) was established to explore trends in storage, data, and information management while maintaining a clear focus on turning these ideas into future NetApp products.