Is Your IT as Flexible as Your Business Needs it to Be?

    In a world where yesterday's IT practices can no longer affordably cope with the new realities of growth and pace of business, Flexible IT from NetApp and our solution partners enables IT to provide affordable, always-ready IT at the speed of today's business decisions.

    Read a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Value of IT Flexibility When Change is The New Normal .

    Flexible IT enables you to capitalize on new opportunities, get to market faster, innovate, and get out in front of your competition. Flexible IT helps you make your customers happier by delivering better, higher quality IT services faster. Learn how companies like Cartika and T-Systems deliver enterprise-grade scalability and high service levels at lower costs with Flexible IT.

    Flexible IT also enables you to save time and increase efficiencies. Projects such as provisioning, recovery, backup, and test and development can take less time, effort, and money, delivering savings that drop right to the bottom line. Learn how Tucson Electric Power supported exponential storage growth with its more Flexible IT environment, increased its efficiency and drove down costs.

    Flexible IT architecture is built on a shared IT infrastructure characterized by the following key criteria:

    • Unified Architecture: Use one architecture for all workloads
    • Intelligent Caching: Optimize cost performance by workload
    • Secure Multi-Tenancy: Securely isolate shared storage
    • Scale Up and Scale Out: Scale performance and capacity on demand
    • Service Automation and Analytics: Reduce complexity and enable IT as a service
    • Nonstop Operations: Provide continuous data availability for all tenants
    • Integrated Data Protection: Provide seamless protection for backups and disaster recovery
    • Storage Efficiency: Experience built-in efficiency at every step

    Keep these key buying criteria in mind when you're ready to embrace Flexible IT. The investments you make in IT today position your company for the future. Today's virtualization technology , cloud-based IT services , cost containment, and green IT initiatives all require storage that is more adaptable than ever before.

    If you want your IT to have a measurable impact by aligning to business needs, accelerating business, and driving revenue while reducing costs, it's time for Flexible IT.

    Learn more about building future-ready , Flexible IT based on a shared IT infrastructure for maximum flexibility and efficiency. Be sure to check out our video on demand, “ Make the Leap to a Shared IT Infrastructure ”.

    If you’re ready to get started, contact your local NetApp representative or one of our many qualified partners .

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