Efficient IT: Changing the Economics of IT

    Storage is the number-one line item in most IT budgets. Yet many are buying at least 25% more storage than needed – undermining efforts to optimize IT efficiency. It’s time to stop wasting time, money and valuable resources.

    Gigabytes Saved Through NetApp Storage Efficiency*

    Learn how efficient your IT environment is today, and get what you can do today to improve IT efficiency and save.

    NetApp focuses on the following areas that are critical to achieving maximum efficiency in your IT environment:

    • Utilization
    • Power, space, and cooling
    • Availability
    • Performance
    • Capacity optimization
    • Management
    • ROI

    By focusing on these critical areas when you are building an efficient storage foundation, you can drive more value from all of your IT investments and reinvest those savings in more strategic projects. Even small, incremental changes can drive big savings. Our customers:

    • Often realize payback windows of as little as six to nine months
    • Use half the storage of traditional approaches in many cases
    • Cut infrastructure and data storage costs so you can invest savings in revenue-generating opportunities

    The first step is evaluating your IT environment. Use these tools to help identify the health of your IT environment. Then, find out how we can help improve the efficiency of your IT environment:

    How much can you save?

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    How efficient is your IT?

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