NetApp Solution Demos

    • VDI Desktop Cloning - 1000 Desktops for the Price of 1 : Learn how you can create 1000 desktops in 2 minutes. In this demo, we’ll show you how you can rapidly provision large numbers of virtual desktops by using NetApp’s cloning technology.
    • VM Cloning and Customization Tools : In this demo you can preview Kamino, our new cloning tool, which combines the rapid cloning technologies of NetApp storage with the customization capabilities of VMware VirtualCenter. You’ll see how you can use our cloning tools to instantaneously clone VMs while using the guest customization options of VirtualCenter to apply a unique configuration to the cloned VM.
    • Dedupe - VMware : Discover how our deduplication and thin provisioning technologies can help you save storage space. In this demo, you’ll observe the deduplication of a large-scale (100+ VMs) environment and discover how easily you can configure our solutions and integrate them with your native management tools.
    • SANscreen VM Insight : Discover the unique capabilities of the VM Insight add-on module for NetApp SANscreen. See how VM Insight builds on the SANscreen service path awareness and change management technologies to help you maximize server consolidation and minimize your risk of increased storage cost. Together, we will explore the discovery, management, optimization, and auditing capabilities of VM Insight.
    • SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure : Come see the backup and recovery capabilities of NetApp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure in action. Learn how you can simplify data management by using our newly integrated scheduling and retention management capabilities.
    • FlexClone® and Site Recovery Manager : In this demo, you’ll discover how you can test your disaster recovery solution by adding NetApp’s unique FlexClone technology to your Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions. You’ll learn how you can instantly create the necessary storage objects without requiring any additional storage space.
    • MetroCluster and VMware HA : Explore the unique high-availability capabilities of NetApp MetroCluster and see how you can enable seamless failover in the event of a hardware or site outage through the integration of VMware HA and NetApp MetroCluster.
    • Transparent Storage Migration : In this demo, you’ll learn how to transparently migrate VMware Virtual Machine iSCSI and NFS data stores from one physical storage device to another by using the "vfiler migrate" feature.
    • VMware and NetApp - End-to-End Virtualization : Discover how NetApp and VMware together create powerful virtualized storage solutions for your server and desktop environments.