SolidFire + NetApp Analyst Day

Boulder, CO

June 2, 2016 at 8:30–9:15 AM MDT

SolidFire + NetApp Analyst Day


Watch live on June 2, 2016 | Boulder, CO

Bring on the future! Discover how SolidFire and NetApp are about to change storage for good.

IDC recently projected a 385% return on storage investments with SolidFire. That's just the beginning. Hear SolidFire founder Dave Wright announce how SolidFire will continue to change the storage industry as NetApp SolidFire. And get a first glimpse at the new SolidFire solutions that are resetting what you should expect from storage from now on.

What You'll Experience

  • Dave Wright discussing the incredible future of SolidFire, now part of NetApp
  • A new era of storage with complete simplicity and flexibility — and no surprises
  • A wider range of all-flash cost and performance options than ever before
  • SolidFire and the NetApp data fabric to get the right data in the right place at the right time

Watch where we take storage from here.

As all-flash storage becomes the storage standard for next generation data centers, SolidFire and NetApp are leading the way with a flash-first model. This combined portfolio supports every type of enterprise application.

From traditional, application-specific storage, to core enterprise IT, to the next-generation cloud, SolidFire and NetApp enable the broadest range of infrastructure needs and support the widest number of use cases. Only SolidFire and NetApp deliver the speed, scale and data services for all data center needs.

Dave Wright

Dave Wright

  • Dave Wright, SolidFire Founder, Vice President, and GM

Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Award winner, Dave Wright has a proven history of revolutionizing industries with a unique approach to innovation. SolidFire is Dave’s third venture and his most disruptive yet — transforming how the world uses cloud computing.