Xerox Healthcare Services offers customers high availability and rapid turnaround times while complying with regulations in a rapidly changing marketplace.



Reduced Storage Costs

Xerox Healthcare Services

Enhanced cloud services to customers while reducing storage costs by 85%.

As a leading provider of services to healthcare providers and employers, Xerox offers its customers a range of services that ultimately touch two out of every three insured individuals in the United States. Xerox serves nearly 2,000 different hospitals or hospital systems and processes more than 900 million claims annually, contributing more than $2 billion in revenue annually.

To sustain growth and keep customers satisfied, Xerox must meet increasingly short turnaround times for claims and other types of data processing. In healthcare, delays are costly, and downtime is unacceptable; therefore, delivery times, systems availability, and data protection requirements are specified in stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) with each customer. If data or services are not available within promised time windows, Xerox customers could face increased costs and regulatory penalties, and patient care could be affected.

“Our services business is a growth engine for Xerox,” says Raman Padmanabhan, senior vice president and chief information officer, commer- cial healthcare sector, Xerox. “It is critical that we have a resilient, best in-class IT infrastructure to support our customers’ requirements. IT is a key enabler and a strategic differentiator.”

In a price-sensitive and rapidly changing market such as business process outsourcing—and a quickly evolving industry such as healthcare—infrastructure efficiency is paramount. With seven global data centers and more than 2PB of data under management, Xerox must make the best use of its storage, computing, power, and cooling resources or risk losing profit margin. “We need to standardize on solutions that both are cost effective and allow us to meet our customers’ diverse needs,” says Matthew Dickson, director, Centers of Expertise, Xerox Services.

The combined impact of NetApp storage efficiency technologies—deduplication, thin provisioning, and Flash Cache—was significant. “We decreased our overall storage footprint by 50% and saved 85% in storage costs year over year,” says Dickson. “By implementing NetApp Flash Cache, we rearchitected our storage design and used lower cost SATA drives without sacrificing performance and throughput.”

As its business and data grow, Xerox will continue to partner with NetApp to evolve its world-class IT infrastructure. “What I look for in my strategic partners is the ability to execute and innovate,” says Padmanabhan.

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Xerox Healthcare Services

Xerox has transformed from its early days as the premier manufacturer of photocopiers and printers into one of the largest business services and outsourcing providers in the world. The company has 140,000 employees worldwide, more than 22,000 of whom are dedicated to simplifying the business of healthcare. Today, Xerox offers solutions to virtually every member of the healthcare ecosystem, including providers, payers, employers, and government agencies.

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