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Every business—from the smallest start-up to the largest Fortune 500 company—faces the same fundamental challenge: how to turn daring ideas into successful realities. Fortunately, they don’t have to do it alone. IT consultant Wirestorm creates end-to-end solutions that harness big data analytics breakthrough technologies to help companies transform their businesses.

Wirestorm partnered with NetApp to build a Data Fabric that enables the company to harness the power of multiple cloud environments. By using NetApp ONTAP Cloud, Wirestorm can now rapidly build—and tear down—production-ready environments to support rapid application development and powerful cloud-based analytics.

Before moving to ONTAP Cloud, it could take up to six months for Wirestorm to complete a project. Much of that time was spent simply setting up environments and integrating technologies, limiting the company to just two projects per year. Now, Wirestorm can complete more than 20 projects annually.

“We can quickly build and rebuild environments and move enormous amounts of data around like its nothing,” says Wirestorm CEO Abdul Masri. “That’s a really powerful thing, because it has increased our ability to provide insights faster and look smarter than our competition in front of our customers. That agility enables us to out-pace and out-innovate much bigger consultancy companies.”

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Founded in 2008, IT consultant Wirestorm is on the forefront of data analytics. From improving business intelligence and modernizing IT systems to building innovative consumer apps and Internet of Things (IoT) products, Wirestorm provides end-to-end IT solutions that deliver results.

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