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Reduced Epic deployment time

UMC New Orleans

Delivering Quality Healthcare Services with NetApp All Flash FAS and FlexPod

To fill the void after Hurricane Katrina destroyed two of Louisiana’s major teaching hospitals, the State of Louisiana worked with LCMC Health to create the state’s largest teaching hospital: University Medical Center (UMC) New Orleans. UMC aims to provide exceptional patient-centered care and a world-class academic experience through advanced research, leading technology, and innovation.

When creating a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, UMC saw an opportunity to reduce operational costs while supporting the growth of patient data. Physicians, clinicians, and radiologists at the 2.3-million-square-foot facility all rely on rapid access to patient information through Epic electronic medical records and GE Centricity PACS applications.

To host its Epic EMR and 3,000 virtual desktops, UMC deployed FlexPod Datacenters with All Flash FAS. The solution speeds the secure delivery of Epic records to thousands of clinical users.

Following implementation, UMC can now copy its production database in less than 20 minutes, compared to up to 16 hours. Further, UMC saw an 81% reduction in response time exceptions within Epic. Faster speeds mean caregivers can more quickly respond to patients’ needs with up-to-date information, leading to better patient care.

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University Medical Center (UMC) New Orleans, a public-private partnership with the State of Louisiana, was built and founded by the State. The center is the first of five hospitals in the LCMC Health system with Epic deployed as the EMR system.

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