Deliver cost-effective high-performance enterprise cloud services with 99.999% reliability.


7 figure savings

with NetApp solution


TechnologyOne is Australia’s largest enterprise software company. Serving over a thousand customers across six different nations, TechnologyOne supports small businesses through to major corporations. These companies rely on TechnologyOne’s enterprise software to manage day-to-day business operations without fail.

To meet the storage requirements of its customers, TechnologyOne had to find a data management solution to address security, reliability, data portability, 99.999% uptime, and extremely high performance requirements - all delivered through a managed service as a monthly fee.

Through the combination of NetApp Private Storage on a FlexPod Data Center platform, TechnologyOne manages its data seamlessly “next” to the AWS cloud using the ONTAP Cloud operating system. When it comes to data protection, AltaVault provides object-storage connectivity to AWS that offers a reliable and cost-effective archiving solution for TechnologyOne.

Overall, NetApp’s data management technology has led to an 85% reduction in production data over three years for TechnologyOne. In budget terms, this equates to savings of seven figures. Further, the company can now offer ten times the performance of AWS’ fastest storage to customers and comply with Australia’s data sovereignty laws through the multi-cloud features of NetApp Private Storage.

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TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) is Australia’s largest enterprise software company and one of Australia’s top 200 ASX-listed companies, with offices across six countries. We create solutions that transform business and make life simple for our customers. We do this by providing powerful, deeply integrated enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,000 leading corporations, government departments and statutory authorities are powered by our software.

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